4 Themed Vacation Ideas for Your Next Big Trip

  Photo by David Milone on Unsplash   

 Rather than wander around a new city with a few Yelp reviews and a possibly outdated travel guide, try a themed itinerary or tour for your next vacation. Themed travel allows you to build a trip around a hobby or something you’d like to learn more about. It also offers the chance to get off the beaten path and truly connect with the area you’re exploring.


Cycling tours offer travelers the opportunity to explore the back roads of world-class destinations. Trips can be tailored to your level of fitness and riding ability, with itineraries ranging from country roads in Ireland to hair-pin mountain passes in the Alps, if the latter is more your speed.


Food-themed tours can take you anywhere in the world and are limited by only your taste and appetite. A course in Thailand can teach you how to make the best pad thai, while a cooking adventure in Spain will have you stirring up a winning paella. Tuscany cooking vacations, for example, will have you exploring this region of Italy while learning to make Panzanella like a pro.


This general theme can cover anything from a spa visit in California to a silent meditation retreat in India. It can include yoga and detox to massage and major pampering. Wellness is how you define it, but the goal of this itinerary should be the pursuit of maximum bliss and relaxation.


From the Art Deco buildings of Miami to the modernism delights of Barcelona, architecture tours give you a behind-the-scenes peek at the great architectural wonders and movements around the world. Often led by local experts, you will learn about the great architects and artists who helped build and define your chosen destination.

If you’re interested in moving beyond well-worn tourist sites and connecting more deeply with a destination, themed travel may be worth considering for your next great getaway.

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