The Must-Have Colours for the Winter Season

Most of us use the change of seasons as an opportunity to update our look. It is the perfect time to try on new styles and see how different colours look on you.
Every year brings a new colour palette. For 2017, red tones are without a doubt the main trend. This is great news because this warm colour palette suits virtually every woman.

A striking red coat
Red is the perfect colour for a coat this season. It is fun, bold and a great way to stand out from the crowd. This women winter jacket looks particularly good when worn with black boots.
There are many different cuts available. Most of the nicest ones are full-length. This style of coat is a particularly good choice for someone who potentially spends quite a bit of time outside. For a mum who has to walk the school run or someone who commutes using public transport, a full-length coat is a must. It really is the only way to stay reliably warm and dry even on the coldest days. The nice thing about red coats is that they look just as good when worn with jeans as they do with a suit or dress. This means you do not have to find the cash to buy another coat to wear on the weekends.

A stylish grenadine top
Grenadine is a beautiful rich colour. This reddish purple has a similar tone to the glittering kernels you find when you split open a pomegranate. It really is a lovely colour that is ideal for wearing to a party or for a special meal out. Several retailers are offering tops in this beautiful colour, so keep an eye out for them, next time you go shopping.

Tapping into the new blues

If you are not a particularly big fan of red tones, do not worry because there are other choices. Earlier in the year, a lot of blue was being included in catwalk collections. It is a trend that many clothing manufacturers picked up on when planning their autumn/winter collections.

Natural greens
Green is another colour you will see a lot of this year. The majority of retailers have opted to use the warmer greens that you see in nature for their collections. They look really good when paired with the right blue tones and most can easily be worn with something black. So, provided you have the right skin tone, consider adding a couple of green blouses to your 2017 A/W wardrobe.

Neutral greys

It is nice to be able to wear colourful clothes once again, but it is important not to overdo things. If you want to wear a pair of richly coloured trousers, you may find it hard to buy the right top to wear with them. Fortunately, there is a simple answer, which is to buy yourself a grey top. This colour goes with most of this season's blues, reds and greens, so adding a few grey items to your wardrobe is a really good idea.

Choosing the right colours for you
If you are not 100% sure about which of these warm colours will work for you, click this link. There you will find an in-depth article that explains how to correctly identify your skin tone and choose colours that will ensure that you always look your best.

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