Footwear Related Gifts for the Man in Your Life

If you are anything like me, your thoughts are already turning to shopping for Christmas. It is always nice to get as much done in advance, as possible. Getting some of your present buying done early really takes the pressure off. Sometimes it easy to come up with gift ideas, other people are trickier to buy for. I know a lot of people struggle more with buying presents for men than they do for women, which is why I have written this short gift ideas article
Shoes and boots
Shopping for men’s boots online is by far the easiest way to buy actual footwear as a gift. There is far more choice and it is really easy to shop around and pick up the best deal. Should you decide to buy someone a pair of shoes, trainers or boots it is handy to know their size and whether they need to wear wide fitting footwear. To find this out all you need to do is to ask their partner. Alternatively, you could take a sneaky look at their shoes if they leave them in the hallway when they visit you.
It is important to choose a pair that matches their current style of footwear. Many men wear the same brand and model of boot most of their lives. This makes buying for them particularly easy because you know exactly what they like to wear.

Sports shoes
The majority of men like to stay active. Most of them regularly take part in some form of sport. Therefore, a new pair of sports shoes could make a good gift. Before you go shopping, try to find out what they like to wear when taking part in their favourite sport. For example, do they like the new style slip on football boots or do they still prefer laces? The more you know, the more likely you are to be able to find something suitable.
If you are not sure of the style of footwear they like to wear or their size, buying a pair of slippers is probably a better idea. They are also far cheaper, so this present is a great option if you are shopping on a tight budget. 

Shoe care and cleaning kits
Most men like to be well groomed, so a cleaning kit can make a good gift. If you are buying for a man that spends a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities a waxing kit to enable him to completely waterproof his boots could be a great gift. 
Shoe trees
For a man who likes to wear relatively expensive shoes a set of shoe trees would be seen as a thoughtful gift. Using them really does help to maintain the shape of footwear and help them to last longer.

Footwear voucher gifts
If you are unsure of what style of footwear to buy, you could buy a voucher instead. That way the man you are buying for will be able to choose his own shoes, boots or trainers. However, when buying gift vouchers it is important to read the small print. Some retailers only give you a limited time to make a purchase before the value of the voucher starts to reduce. You can read more about this issue and how to avoid getting caught out by clicking this link.   

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