Working Mom Style | Spring Edition

Being a working mom is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. There are already so many areas of my life that need attention and adding working full-time into the mix makes life just a bunch of chaos! While it’s super hard to be away from my son, I really do enjoy what I do and enjoy the “me time” that I get while I am at work. My son has a great nanny that he loves and the whole process has worked out really great for us.

One of the biggest things that helps me during the work week is picking out my outfits. I love being able to just throw on a cute top, leggings, and some heels and head out the door to work! This pink plaid top from Gamiss is one of my current favorites! Gamiss and many other online retailers have recently added “Plus Size” sizing and it’s a game changer. Now I don’t have to worry if things are going to really fit me when ordering from these stores. Check out their website for more cute tops, most of their items are under $20 which is great when you’re trying to stick to a budget!

Top | c/o Gamiss
Leggings | Old Navy
Heels | Forever Young
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