Everything You Need to Know About Fertility Drugs

A drug is any substance (other than food that provides nutritional support) that, when inhaled, injected, smoked, consumed, absorbed via a patch on the skin, or dissolved under the tongue causes a temporary physiological (and often psychological) change in the body.
Fertility medication, better known as fertility drugs, are drugs which enhance reproductive fertility. For women, fertility medication is used to stimulate follicle development of the ovary. For example, Clomid (clomiphene citrate) is a fertility pill that can increase your levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), boosting ovulation. Injectable gonadotropins stimulate the ovaries directly. Gonadotropins are usually prescribed when women do not respond to Clomid.
Fertility drugs are extremely effective and are often the first treatment option for women dealing with infertility. Millions of couples who rely on fertility pills safely get pregnant and stay pregnant by using fertility drugs - without having to go on to more high-tech procedures like in vitro fertilization (IVF).
Fertility drugs can help you conceive if your reproductive system just needs a little nudge.
Here are three ways that fertility drugs may help you conceive:
1. Fertility drugs help to give an "extra push" for follicular development, to help you ovulate. For example, Clomid ( clomiphene citrate ) is a fertility pill that can increase your levels of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), boosting ovulation.
2. Injectable gonadotropins stimulate the ovaries directly. Gonadotropins are usually prescribed when women do not respond to Clomid.
3. Fertility drugs also help to improve and balance your hormone levels, increasing the likelihood of embryo implantation and a healthy pregnancy
Fertility problems in women have become a major issue, mostly due to the sedentary lifestyle which couples adopt nowadays. There are also certain invasive or non-invasive treatment options available depending upon each woman’s condition.
If your doctor has suggested the use of fertility drugs, you must make it a point to know a bit more about it all.
Fertility Drugs For Women:
Fertility drugs are, obviously, aimed at creating an internal environment which is the most preferable to help a woman conceive.
Clomiphene and gonadotropins are the most commonly prescribed fertility drugs among women. They are usually the first line of treatment for couples who are affected by fertility problems.
Below mentioned are lists of fertility drugs for women:
Clomiphene, gonadotropin, and bromocriptine are among the most commonly used fertility drugs and injectable hormones. With their success rates ranging between 60 to 80% (regarding a successful ovulation), they are much preferred by fertility experts as the first line of treatment.
Clomiphene is known to be one of the best drugs used to deal with fertility problems. It has been in use for more than 25 years and is given to women who do not ovulate normally. They are anti-estrogen drugs and work by stimulating the ovaries to produce eggs. Injectable hormones are usually used to stimulate ovulation and are usually given on the upper arm, the upper thigh or buttocks.
Apart from these, certain other drugs including heparin, aspirin, and Parlodel are thought to work in improving the chances of a successful pregnancy. They either reduce the risk of miscarriages or inhibit premature ovulation. 
The major problem facing fertility drugs are possible side effects. Oral fertility drugs (like Clomid or letrozole ) have milder side effects than injectable fertility drugs (like gonadotropins or GnRH agonists and antagonists.)
That said, the most common fertility drug side effects are bloating, headache, breast tenderness, upset stomach, hot flashes, and mood swings. The most common fertility drug risks is a greater likelihood of having twins, triplets or more and developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).
These aren’t the only potential side effects and risks, just the most common ones. Fertility drugs can create miracles and are effective. Still, it's important to know what can go wrong and how to lower your chances of complications possibly.
Side Effects of Commonly Used Fertility Drugs
Side effects are unwanted and unintentional symptoms that result from a medication.It’s impossible to avoid all side effects completely. However, there are some things you or your doctor can do to reduce your risks. Some side effects may be avoided or lessened by taking the medication at night or with food. Always talk to your doctor about the best time and way to take your medications.
·        Your doctor should also use the lowest effective dose. It is why it’s almost always better to start at a lose dose, and then increase the dosage if it doesn’t work, rather than start high.
·        Let your doctor know if your side effects are bad. Even if they are mood-related side effects (which many people keep from their doctors), there may be an alternative drug.
·        To reduce your risk of conceiving twins or multiples, close monitoring of your cycle is important.
·        With gonadotropins or Clomid, ultrasound can be used to determine how many potential follicles are developing. Every follicle is a theoretically potential baby if you conceive.
·        Your doctor may cancel your cycle if she thinks your risk of multiples is high. You may be asked to avoid sexual intercourse.
·        Listen to your doctor. Remember that a multiple pregnancy puts you and your future babies’ health (and even life) at risk.
·        With IVF treatment, your risk of multiples can be reduced with single embryo transfer (SET). It isn’t appropriate for every couple, though. Talk to your doctor about your options.
·        Beware of fertility clinics that are overly aggressive in their treatment of infertility.
On the one hand, it may feel good to have a doctor promising you success and starting with the “best” or strongest treatments first. On the other hand, jumping up the ladder too quickly might lead to a premature fall. Of course, even with careful monitoring and a responsible doctor, you still may develop OHSS or get pregnant with twins or more. In that case, the best thing to do is to follow your doctor's treatment advice and take care of yourself. Good prenatal care can lower the risks that come with multiple pregnancies. With early detection and treatment, OHSS is rarely severe and usually can be dealt with at home.

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Footwear Related Gifts for the Man in Your Life

If you are anything like me, your thoughts are already turning to shopping for Christmas. It is always nice to get as much done in advance, as possible. Getting some of your present buying done early really takes the pressure off. Sometimes it easy to come up with gift ideas, other people are trickier to buy for. I know a lot of people struggle more with buying presents for men than they do for women, which is why I have written this short gift ideas article
Shoes and boots
Shopping for men’s boots online is by far the easiest way to buy actual footwear as a gift. There is far more choice and it is really easy to shop around and pick up the best deal. Should you decide to buy someone a pair of shoes, trainers or boots it is handy to know their size and whether they need to wear wide fitting footwear. To find this out all you need to do is to ask their partner. Alternatively, you could take a sneaky look at their shoes if they leave them in the hallway when they visit you.
It is important to choose a pair that matches their current style of footwear. Many men wear the same brand and model of boot most of their lives. This makes buying for them particularly easy because you know exactly what they like to wear.

Sports shoes
The majority of men like to stay active. Most of them regularly take part in some form of sport. Therefore, a new pair of sports shoes could make a good gift. Before you go shopping, try to find out what they like to wear when taking part in their favourite sport. For example, do they like the new style slip on football boots or do they still prefer laces? The more you know, the more likely you are to be able to find something suitable.
If you are not sure of the style of footwear they like to wear or their size, buying a pair of slippers is probably a better idea. They are also far cheaper, so this present is a great option if you are shopping on a tight budget. 

Shoe care and cleaning kits
Most men like to be well groomed, so a cleaning kit can make a good gift. If you are buying for a man that spends a lot of time enjoying outdoor activities a waxing kit to enable him to completely waterproof his boots could be a great gift. 
Shoe trees
For a man who likes to wear relatively expensive shoes a set of shoe trees would be seen as a thoughtful gift. Using them really does help to maintain the shape of footwear and help them to last longer.

Footwear voucher gifts
If you are unsure of what style of footwear to buy, you could buy a voucher instead. That way the man you are buying for will be able to choose his own shoes, boots or trainers. However, when buying gift vouchers it is important to read the small print. Some retailers only give you a limited time to make a purchase before the value of the voucher starts to reduce. You can read more about this issue and how to avoid getting caught out by clicking this link.   

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The Must-Have Colours for the Winter Season

Most of us use the change of seasons as an opportunity to update our look. It is the perfect time to try on new styles and see how different colours look on you.
Every year brings a new colour palette. For 2017, red tones are without a doubt the main trend. This is great news because this warm colour palette suits virtually every woman.

A striking red coat
Red is the perfect colour for a coat this season. It is fun, bold and a great way to stand out from the crowd. This women winter jacket looks particularly good when worn with black boots.
There are many different cuts available. Most of the nicest ones are full-length. This style of coat is a particularly good choice for someone who potentially spends quite a bit of time outside. For a mum who has to walk the school run or someone who commutes using public transport, a full-length coat is a must. It really is the only way to stay reliably warm and dry even on the coldest days. The nice thing about red coats is that they look just as good when worn with jeans as they do with a suit or dress. This means you do not have to find the cash to buy another coat to wear on the weekends.

A stylish grenadine top
Grenadine is a beautiful rich colour. This reddish purple has a similar tone to the glittering kernels you find when you split open a pomegranate. It really is a lovely colour that is ideal for wearing to a party or for a special meal out. Several retailers are offering tops in this beautiful colour, so keep an eye out for them, next time you go shopping.

Tapping into the new blues

If you are not a particularly big fan of red tones, do not worry because there are other choices. Earlier in the year, a lot of blue was being included in catwalk collections. It is a trend that many clothing manufacturers picked up on when planning their autumn/winter collections.

Natural greens
Green is another colour you will see a lot of this year. The majority of retailers have opted to use the warmer greens that you see in nature for their collections. They look really good when paired with the right blue tones and most can easily be worn with something black. So, provided you have the right skin tone, consider adding a couple of green blouses to your 2017 A/W wardrobe.

Neutral greys

It is nice to be able to wear colourful clothes once again, but it is important not to overdo things. If you want to wear a pair of richly coloured trousers, you may find it hard to buy the right top to wear with them. Fortunately, there is a simple answer, which is to buy yourself a grey top. This colour goes with most of this season's blues, reds and greens, so adding a few grey items to your wardrobe is a really good idea.

Choosing the right colours for you
If you are not 100% sure about which of these warm colours will work for you, click this link. There you will find an in-depth article that explains how to correctly identify your skin tone and choose colours that will ensure that you always look your best.

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There Are Only 5 Places on Earth Where You Can’t Wear This Trend

If there were ever a doubt you were born in the right era, the athleisure trend should be enough to knock those worries to the wayside.  It’s stretchy, can be bright or subdued, and is often designed in a variety of cuts to flatter any figure.  Pieces that exemplify this fashion movement that embraces comfort can be worn almost anywhere.  But we’ll show you the five places that you can never, ever, under any circumstances wear activewear.

We’ve all seen her.  The girl who drapes a Lycra hoodie over the back of her chair, just in case  the A/C starts blasting.  No one thinks anything of it.  Then one day she’s got her leggings on because she’s “going to the gym” after work.  When she discovers she likes the gym and the ease of not having to change - because taking the 5 minutes to change must be terribly inconvenient - she starts wearing her full on athleisure suits without shame every single day.  She may be in the best shape of her life, but the promotions are gonna pass her by.

The Lecture: You are forbidden from wearing comfort clothes to a professional office. We’d even discourage wearing them any time you’re working anywhere, because the stretchiness encourages bad posture, and bad posture leads to browsing the internet, and browsing the internet leads to definitely not doing something productive.  Come on girl, you’ve got a better work ethic than that.

She doesn’t want to go.  She never wants to go.  “Can’t we just hang out at your place?” she asks. “I’m tiiiiiiired.”  But you insist!  You’re only young once.  Get busy living or get busy dying.  Carpe diem, and other platitudes that prove ineffective on your Debbie Downer friend.  To make her point, she throws on a sparkly top over her black yoga pants.  You’re aghast.  “No one will know,” she says defensively.  But you’ll know, and she’ll know, and… no.  Just no.

The Lecture: Yoga pants are not party pants.  Yoga pants say, “I’d rather be doing anything but the thing I’m doing right now.”  They’re great for chaturanga dandasana (low plank pose).  They’re made for trikonasana (extended triangle pose).  But they have no business being anywhere that constitutes as “out” with your friends.  Take them off and show yourself and your best girls some respect, or you’ll be making them want to leave you behind in savasana (corpse pose).

The thrill of the outdoors always brings something unexpected.  On a recent camping trip with friends, one of them brought her favorite pair of joggers.  “I only brought one pair of pants!” she declared, proud of her minimalist tendencies, while the rest of us looked on in horror.  The evening was set to dip into freezing temps, and the cotton of her pants wouldn’t fare well if she got splashed in the creek while hiking.  She could tell by the looks on our faces that packing a single pair of joggers was a monumental fail.

The Lecture: Just because clothes are comfortable doesn’t mean they’re warm.  Research the temps for your outdoor activities and plan accordingly.  Your rough-and-tumble, woodsy self needs to stay cozy for the long haul, and easygoing activewear isn’t going to cut it.  The fabrics used in clothes intended for cold weather are a world apart from fashionable athletic wear.  Do your research and bundle up, girl!

Just because you’re not a bridesmaid doesn’t mean you get to be bitter about it.  Just look at all those gorgeous people, dressed to the nines, doing their best to honor the bride and groom on their special day.  Then the camera pans over to you in your… tennis skort?  Skorts are made for courts.  And shopping at the farmers’ market, and a light lunch with friends, and, tennis, of course.  But no one wants to see short pleats at their nuptials. 

The Lecture: Please, remember that for all the big life events (births, deaths, and weddings), athletic attire is off the approved list.  Your formal wear must be, well, formal.  If funds are a problem, borrow a dress from a friend or check the clearance racks for a great deal.  But don’t get caught with your skort on.

It’s the day you’ve worked your entire career for.  You’re being honored for your deep thinking, your pursuit of truth, and your contributions to humanity.  Those in the room rise to their feet and your name is called and you begin to make your way to the podium.  But the room starts to stir when they get a look at your ensemble.  Is this high achiever wearing… a zip-up hoodie?!

The Lecture: No one can argue with the idea that sometimes the clothes make the woman, but part of the battle in achieving your dreams is showing people how badly you want it.  When people are there to recognize you - and a photographer might be there to document the occasion - think of your children and your children’s children.  You don’t want them asking, “Why was grandma wearing a sweatshirt when she got her award?”  Think of posterity.

Even considering the locales where athleisure is looked down upon, there are oh so many places to give it a go.  It is made for weekends, perfect for errands, and delightful for a dog walk.  You can wear it on the “road” part of the road trip, with cool sunglasses at the airport to throw off the paparazzi, and on laundry day…athletic wear is now fit for just about any occasion.

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Showing Off My Roots

If there’s one thing I’m super passionate about, it’d be my love for UTAH! Born and raised here, I have always loved Utah’s gorgeous mountains, the distinct four seasons, and of course… fry sauce!! 🍟 If you’ve followed along here on the blog then you know that I live in Downtown Salt Lake City and we absolutely love it. Utah holds so many great memories for me and I am IN LOVE with this shirt from Thread Tanks that lets me show off my roots. ThreadTank is my go-to for graphic tees! They have an amazing selection and so many unique sayings and graphics to fit everyone’s personalities. Their tees are around $25, they have so many sizes to choose from. I’ve already had so many people comment on mine so they are definitely a conversation piece! I’ll be sharing more of their tees here in the upcoming weeks but head over to their site now to get one for yourself!

You know what they say…there’s really no place like home. ❤

Tee (exact HERE) | c/o ThreadTank
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Transitioning into Spring

Switching seasons can get a little complicated in the fashion world, especially when you live in Utah where the weather can change 3-4 times in the same day! Utah is notorious for having super sporadic weather so you really have to dress prepared for anything sometimes. When it comes to transitioning for Spring, I love wearing a winter accessory and pairing it with something more “springy”.  Here I paired this blanket scarf from Zaful with a loose tee and duster for a Spring weather look.
Blanket scarves are a trend you can wear throughout the Fall to Spring since they are perfect for keeping you warm if the temperature decides to drop. 

Top | Old Navy
Duster Cardigan | H&M

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Spring Trend: Embroidery

I am usually not a big one when it comes to trends but I am loving the embroidery trend that has been going around for Spring! If you've followed my blog for a while then you know how much I love the online retailer Zaful. I'm wearing their Embroidered Bib Frilled Shirt that's only $21.00 right now! When it comes to trying trends I usually start out with something inexpensive in that particular style, then work my way up to something more expensive if it' something I really see myself wearing long term. Zaful has so many cute, affordable items that can fit into any budget!

I've been pinning a lot of Embroidered shirts on my Pinterest Board for some fashion inspiration! Will you be trying out the Embroidery trend this spring?

Embroidered Bib Frilled Shirt | c/o Zaful

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Getting Into Shape with Zaful

I’ve made a resolution to really get back into shape! It’s a hard goal but it’s something I really need to do, especially since I'll have a one year old running around soon and I want to be able to keep up with him!

 I needed some new workout clothes so I teamed up with Zaful to showcase their workout line and I’m sharing these new see-through sport leggings that are all the rage right now! At first I was a little skeptical about how they looked but I really love this style now. Feeling comfy and cute while working out really can change your perspective on exercising! 

What things do you do to stay in shape? Are you a BBG girl or Blogilates? Do you use a Fitbit? Meal track on MyFitnessPal? I'd love for you to share your tips in the comments below! I’m still breastfeeding my son so I’ll be modifying some workout plans to accommodate for this. I'll be documenting my road to a healthy lifestyle here on the blog so stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading and following along! 

see-through sport leggings | c/o Zaful
 Hoodie | Walmart
Shoes | Nike
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Deciding My Priorities

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from being a working mom, it’s that time is such a valuable thing. I’ve really struggled trying to find ways to better utilize my time to accomplish all of the things I need to get done. There’s a quote I’ve always loved and it says:

“The lack of time is really just the lack of priorities”

So simply yet so powerful! I’ve been trying to de-clutter our apartment, get rid of my to-do lists and just live in the moment but it is really SO hard! I’m venturing into minimalism this year and I’m really excited for the changes it’s going to bring to our family! I’m going to be sharing my thoughts through this entire process so you can see if it’s something you’d be interested in doing too! Stay tuned for more, and happy Friday eve!

Top | c/o RoseGal

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Working Mom Style | Spring Edition

Being a working mom is probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. There are already so many areas of my life that need attention and adding working full-time into the mix makes life just a bunch of chaos! While it’s super hard to be away from my son, I really do enjoy what I do and enjoy the “me time” that I get while I am at work. My son has a great nanny that he loves and the whole process has worked out really great for us.

One of the biggest things that helps me during the work week is picking out my outfits. I love being able to just throw on a cute top, leggings, and some heels and head out the door to work! This pink plaid top from Gamiss is one of my current favorites! Gamiss and many other online retailers have recently added “Plus Size” sizing and it’s a game changer. Now I don’t have to worry if things are going to really fit me when ordering from these stores. Check out their website for more cute tops, most of their items are under $20 which is great when you’re trying to stick to a budget!

Top | c/o Gamiss
Leggings | Old Navy
Heels | Forever Young
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Moab Travel Guide + Tips on Bringing Your Baby

We had been itching for a little getaway so we decided to rent a car and drive a few hours south to Moab, Utah! I love living in Utah for the simple fact that you can drive a few hours and end up somewhere with completely different scenery. Moab’s red rock is gorgeous and it’s no wonder that people from all over the world come here to enjoy its beauty. Here are some of my recommendations, plus some added tips if you’re bringing along your baby!

The town of Moab is pretty small so the majority of the hotels are located on Main Street. We stayed at the Homewood Suites by Hilton and were really impressed with this hotel. While it was lacking on outdoor pool, the location of this new hotel is perfect as it’s nestled into Moab’s quaint main street and provides access to all the local restaurants and shops. This hotel offered free breakfast and each room has its own kitchen so we were able to go to the grocery store and buy food for some meals which helped cut down on our costs.

Moab may have a Wendy’s and McDonald’s, but if you truly want to experience a place, you HAVE to eat local! We loved eating at Milt’s Stop & Eat, Moab Diner, and Zax’s--- All of which are kid friendly! I’ve heard SOO many great things about the breakfast food at Jailhouse Café but since we went in the off-season it was closed! Definitely planning on going there next time!

Arches is known for getting super crowded, especially during the busy summer months, so arriving to the park as early as possible is a must. The park itself is open 24/7 but the visitor’s center is only open from 9am-5pm. We arrived around 8:30 and left the park around 2:00pm. Since we went during the off-season the park wasn’t as crowded however it seemed that most people follow a similar path since there is only one road big, long road throughout the park with some breakoff paths. We chose to visit Balanced Rock first, then went to the Windows section and Delicate Arch, followed by the Fiery Furnace section. My main advice with Arches is to take your time, enjoy the view, and pack a lot of snacks! There are no restaurants in the park so bringing a lunch, lots of water, and snacks is a must!

Some of the other fun things we liked in Moab was that there is a walking trail that goes along the Colorado River, it’s gorgeous and is perfect for pushing your stroller around. Outside Moab is the Moab Giants Dinosaur Park which looks like so much fun for little kids!

We loved visiting Dead Horse Point State Park… the views are gorgeous and I’ve wanted to go here for a long time. BEWARE THOUGH... The drive out to this site feels SUPER long and it’s literally in the middle of no-where. Dead Horse is a state park and does offers other amenities like hiking and yurts you can rent but in my opinion if you’re not dying to see this view, I maybe would skip this option and spend additional time in Moab. This drive felt so long with our son and he got pretty restless through all the windy turns.

Some other things Moab offers are great hikes to Corona Arch, visiting Hole in the Rock, and doing all of the adventurous stuff like river rafting, sky-diving, and rock climbing.


There are a ton of hikes in Arches that you can do, but be realistic with what you and your baby can handle. The infamous Delicate Arch is about a 2-3 hour hike with steep terrain and no shade so we opted out since this wasn't something we felt comfortable with. We stuck to the following hikes because they were only 15-30 minutes:
- South Arch
- Double Arch
- Balanced Rock
- Delicate Arch Viewpoint (beware this hike is longer than you think it is and can be pretty hard when you’re carrying a baby too!)
- Sand Arch ** OUR FAVORITE! So fun and kids will love all the sand!

There isn’t a lot of shade in the park so be sure to rotate between being outside to the car frequently so your little baby doesn’t get too hot or cold. When we went it was a little chilly so we would be outside for 15-30 mins. Then drive to our next location, 15-30 minutes, drive to our next location.

Also if you are breastfeeding or if your baby naps frequently make sure to take this into account for how long you will be at the park. Our visit took a little longer than expected since I spent time breastfeeding my son as certain stops and we let him sleep in the car for a while.

We had a baby carrier we got from Amazon when Kade was born and while it’s not one of the fancy hiking ones, it worked great for the time of year we were there. You will definitely want one of these as it makes hiking so much easier. If you plan to hike a lot, buying one of these hiking carriers may be a good option!

I swear babies have the best timing with things… like when they poop right after you realize you used the last diaper in your diaper bag! Since you’re off the grid in Arches, make sure to bring lots of the essentials since you won’t have access to public toilets, a sink, etc. I brought a bazillion diapers, lots of hand sanitizer, doggie bags to put diapers in so they don’t stink up the car! (probably one of my Favorite things in my bag!), stain stick if they have a blow-out, and lots of water.

I also love my Fawn Design diaper bag, which can double as a side bag and backpack. It was perfect to bring along for hiking and I love how many things I can fit into it when traveling.

Moab is so beautiful and has that small-town charm, it's definitely worth the visit! 

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