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Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great holiday season thus far. There are only a few more days left until Christmas and I’m trying to get all of my last minute gift-wrapping done! I recently was at the store buying some gifts and had an experience I think all of us ladies can relate to…. I couldn’t find my wallet! It took me a second to realize that my wallet wasn’t lost… my cards were just located in the new iPhone wallet I recently got from jimmyCASE! You may not have heard of them but it’s my new favorite cell phone accessory and here’s why!

When I got my driver’s license, I bought my first wallet to stick it in and I remember being so excited! While I brought that wallet with me everywhere during high school and college, I was CONSTANTLY losing it. Among having my wallet, phone, car keys, and more all stuffed in my purse, I could never keep track of where everything was and I was always freaking out about losing something important.

I recently became a new mom and before I had my son, I knew I needed to get better organized since my days would soon be revolving around changing diapers, nap times and diaper bags! I tried looking for a better compact wallet but couldn’t find anything I liked. I was approached by jimmyCASE to do a product review for their iPhone card holder and I instantly knew their products were something that would work for me.

As I looked at the jimmyCASE’s iphone wallet cases and I instantly loved the variety of colors they had to choose from.  They have solid colors and stripes options along with the protective bumper and mahogany back.  I went with the orange/blue iphone wallet and here are some thoughts about the case I received:

-         - I was pretty skeptical about the case’s ability to keep all of the cards intact (With how the case is layed out it just looks like those cards are going to fall out!) but when I received the jimmyCASE I was instantly surprised at how tight the elastic pocket it. It has the perfect amount of elasticity, making it easy to put your cards/ID in, yet nothing can fall out! I put my 2 credit cards & my ID in the case they fit great!
-          - I really loved the bumper on this case. My son loves to grab my phone and literally right after I put this case on my son dropped my phone and the jimmyCASE protected it really well!

Overall I think the jimmyCASE is a great product, especially if you’re looking to simplify your life and have all of your essential cards & ID in one place. It’s taken me a little bit to get use to where my cards are but now that they’re located with my phone, it’s so much easier to stay organized. We are upgrading our phones in the New Year so I’m definitely going to be looking at the iPhone 7 card holder as my new iPhone case from jimmyCASE.

Visit the jimmyCASE website to read more about their story and shop their inventory!

iPhone wallet case c/o jimmyCASE
This post was sponsored. All opinions are my own. 
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