Working Mom Style featuring Zaful

I just returned back to work after three months of maternity leave and it’s definitely been an adjustment for me. After I had Kade we’d both be in our pajamas all day so the thought of getting ready and having to look presentable everyday was a bit daunting I’ll admit! Since we live so close to my work Kade is able to come to visit me every day on my break for a little nursing session! It’s been hard to find nursing friendly clothes that are both professional looking AND comfortable. This plaid shirt dress from Old Navy is super comfortable and I can easily feed when he comes to visit. I love the way it fits and the plaid print is perfect for fall/winter.

I decided to pair the dress with this tan long sleeve trench coat from Zaful to give this outfit more of a polished look. This trench coat is only $15.00 (OMG right? So so cheap!) and it’s such a great basis item for my closet.  Zaful is one of my favorite clothing sites right now because everything is so inexpensive and the quality is great! Make sure to visit their website and stay tuned for some more fun posts coming soon!

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