Feeling & Looking Your Best With Modesty

As we transition into a new season, I have loved being able to getting out all my fall/winter clothes from storage. While going through my clothes the other day I realized that my style has changed drastically over the years, especially now that I'm a mom! (That's still feels so weird for me to say!) Growing up I used to be into trying out all of the new trends and I hadn't really developed a true style of my own. 
I recently have started to build a capsule wardrobe, containing only clothing items I truly love and feel comfortable in. While doing this it has made me realize how important wearing modest clothes is to me. 
Modesty has always been important to me but growing up, finding modest clothing was really hard! In high school, spaghetti straps, and sheer tops were popular and those trends carried over into prom season, making modest prom dresses so hard to find! After struggling to find clothes that were cute & modest, I really started to think that you couldn't be fashionable without sacrificing modesty. (Not true!!)

 I value modesty not only because of my personal beliefs, but because of how modest clothing makes me feel. My confidence level soars when I'm wearing something I feel comfortable and pretty in! As women I think we all have things about our bodies that we would like to change, so dressing in a way that builds your confidence is so important! 
Modest clothing for women is so much easier to find now than in years before. Modest dresses are one of my favorite fashion items because of their wide versatility! With the fall season upon us, I've linked some of my current favorite modest dresses below.

Now I'm just wishing I could go back high school and wear one of these modest prom dresses instead! 
Building a wardrobe with timeless, modest  pieces hasn't always been easy but I love that I can look at my closet and feel comfortable and fashionable in each and every item I own. 

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