You Are What You Eat

If you eat it, it might as well be on your shirt right? This hamburger tee is AMAZING!! And it's from Target... that place takes all my money! I love a good hamburger so this shirt seemed pretty appropriate. While I'm all about treating yo' self :)....I have been trying to eat better since I've realized I really need to be more healthy. I've been working out this whole week and I already feel like I have so much more energy. But there's always going to be that struggle for me, food is way too good for me to quit eating sugar & sweets all together. There's got a be a good balance right? If you have any tips on eating better and working out send them my way!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and happy Friday!
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  1. cute look!
    xoxo Aimee

  2. I love the casualness of this outfit! And you hair is everythinggg <333

  3. Love the shirt! And as for eating healthier, they say you should journal what you eat... but who can keep up with that? I was recommended and app that I really like - MyFitnessPal where you can track your food, exercise, and progress. Good luck!


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