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What time is it? Summertime! * Yes, that’s a High school Musical reference for all you Disney nerds out there!* It’s finally starting to heat up here in SLC and I am so happy I can finally start getting my summer clothes out of storage. I’m making a conscious effort this year to stick to a budget and only buy items that I know are: 1) quality and 2) are something I’m going to love for many years down the road. I haven’t always been a watch person, but recently I received a Fieldcrest Maple watch from Jord Watches and I’ve been wearing it non-stop as you can see in the photos above!

Jord Watches offers high-quality wood watches for men and women and while it might sound a bit crazy, they are so amazing! The thing I love most about their watches is how UNIQUE each one is! Their watches are made out of various types of wood and each has a sleek watch face to it. Upon placing my order for my Fieldcrest Maple watch, the watch arrived within just a few days which is also a HUGE plus for me since I love when companies provide quick shipping! The watch arrived in the most beautiful wooden box and came with a cleaning wipe and a one-year limited warranty card! While this watch fits me perfectly, Jord Watches provides additional links with your purchase so you can easily add links or remove links if necessary. I love my wood watch and know it’s an accessory piece I’m going to wear for years to come!

I’ve put the link to the watch I’m wearing below, along with some other Jord Watches I think are amazing! Oh and check out their Men’s watches for some Father’s Day gift ideas!

 Fieldcrest Maple Watch c/o Jord Watches | Swooning over this  Sidney Watch | Collection of Men’s Watches

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