Smile Brilliant Product Review

Today’s post is something that has been in the works for months and I’m so excited to show you all! 

For as long as I can remember, I have always had yellowy teeth. I’m a big lover of soda, candy and tons of other things that have left my teeth pretty stained.  In college I started to become more self-conscious of my teeth and started trying out some whitening products. Here are some of the issues I came across while trying to whiten my teeth:

GUM IRRITATION- While I understand that your gums are going to hurt at the first of starting teeth whitening, I always seemed to have major pain with teeth whitening. This was especially the case when I tried this teeth whitening at the dollar store. I know, I know, BAD IDEA! I was being a cheap college kid but seriously….this stuff was horrible and irritated my teeth for weeks!

WOULDN’T STAY ON- I tried a bunch of the Crest white strips but I could never get them to stay on for a long period of time! They were constantly shifting in my mouth and getting that gross taste from the whitening gel was enough to make me gag!

MIXED RESULTS- No product is guaranteed to work 100% however due to the issues listed above, there were constantly parts of my teeth that were whiter than other sections and many times I couldn’t even notice a difference.

Earlier this year I went in for my regular teeth cleaning and the dentist started discussing some whitening options for me.  He said that due to everyone’s mouths being unique, custom-fitted trays would be the best option. While this all sounded great, I then found out the trays were $500+ dollars!! (Sorry… NO WAY is that happening!) 

So after fail after fail, I was so excited when I was contacted by Smile Brilliant to try their custom teeth whitening system! Before I show you the before/after photos (they speak for themselves!) let me explain why Smile Brilliant has been the best teeth whitening system I’ve used so far:

PERSONAL, CUSTOM TRAYS- Smile Brilliant sends you all of the items you need in order to create your very own custom teeth mold. This allows for the teeth whitening to get in all the crevices of your teeth so you have a flawless white smile! I loved how easy it was to create my own mold and Smile Brilliant quickly sent me back my finished tray! As you can see in the photo below, these custom trays are AWESOME!! It fit like a glove and made the teeth whitening process that much more efficient.

DESENSITIZING GEL- While using Smile Brilliant, I did experience some gum and tooth sensitivity at the first. The whitening system comes with great instructions and tips to avoid this so I suggest reading through those carefully and following them all! It helped me to not use so much teeth whitening gel, a little really does go a long way!! After you use the teeth whitening gel, you use the densitizing gel which seals the teeth whitening to your teeth for better results and makes your teeth/gums feel 

LONG TERM USE – When first using Smile Brilliant, I started out doing 15-30 minute sessions. After a few sessions, I started whitening for up to 2-3 hours. With the custom trays I would sometimes forget I even had them on!  Leaving the whitening gel on longer also allows for better results so my teeth whitened very quickly once I started leaving the trays on for longer. The custom trays are also so durable that I know this is a system that will last for a very long time.

Now for the best part…. The Before/After photos!   

I couldn’t believe how much whiter my teeth look after using 7-8 sessions of using the Smile Brilliance teeth whitening system!  I absolutely love this product and while I was compensated for posting this review, I would honestly recommend Smile Brilliant to everyone! You can view the Smile Brilliant review / testimonial page to see what others are saying about the product! If your teeth are super sensitive you may wish to start off with a gentler approach,  such as teeth whitening strips
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I Have a Thing for Walls

Ever since I can remember I've loved a good wall. Whether it's a bright color or covered in street art or graffiti... I love it. I've passed this pink wall a zillion times Downtown and finally decided to stop there! Summer isn't really summer unless you've eaten a fresh pineapple! While I absolutely suck at cutting them they're one of my favorite fruits during these hot months!

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You Are What You Eat

If you eat it, it might as well be on your shirt right? This hamburger tee is AMAZING!! And it's from Target... that place takes all my money! I love a good hamburger so this shirt seemed pretty appropriate. While I'm all about treating yo' self :)....I have been trying to eat better since I've realized I really need to be more healthy. I've been working out this whole week and I already feel like I have so much more energy. But there's always going to be that struggle for me, food is way too good for me to quit eating sugar & sweets all together. There's got a be a good balance right? If you have any tips on eating better and working out send them my way!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend and happy Friday!
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Bright Florals & Crown Braids

This weekend was spent eating endless amounts of popsicles, hanging out with family, and trying not to overheat from the warm temps we have been having here in Utah! I tried this crown braid and loved the way it turned out. I'm still perfecting it but it was so nice to have my hair off my neck since it was 100+ degrees! Bright floral patterns are my jam during the summer months! I usually steer away from yellow shirts since they make me look super pale but this top from 10DollarMall has been my favorite to-go shirt as of late. I love the relaxed fit and the fact that it was under $10 dollars is EVEN BETTER! 10DollarMall has a huge variety of cheap clothing and accessories all under $10.00! Visit 10DollarMall and sign up for their newsletter to receive 20% off your first purchase!

Hope you all have a happy Monday!
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Summer Wardrobe Wishlist

I swear every season I want to buy all new clothes, I love trying out new trends without having to spend a fortune! Summer is in full swing and you guessed it…I’ve wanted to get some new clothes for my wardrobe! Here are some of my current favorites from Dresslink! I usually get skeptical of companies like these however I’ve had nothing but a great experience working with Dresslink! I’ve listed below some of my favorites that are currently available on their website… nothing is over $10! Just make sure to note the clothing measurements before ordering (I’d recommend ordering up on everything!) and note that depending on what shipping you choose, their shipping may take a little longer than regular US companies! Visit Dresslink for some awesome, inexpensive clothing!


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Milly Bridal

I couldn't be happier that it's Friday finally! This week has been a crazy one and I can't wait to just relax with family and enjoy Fathers Day this weekend! Today I'm bringing you a post featuring a new sponsor of mine, Millybridal. It's wedding season here again in Utah and I've been seeing so many great dresses around Temple Square lately! Millybridal has a variety of luxury, vintage, and plus size wedding dresses along with so many gorgeous bridesmaids dresses! After looking through their website I found so many cute dresses I would have had for my wedding! Millybridal also specializes in prom dresses for all you high school girls out there! They have the cutest Pink Prom Dresses I've seen, there are options for whatever look you are going for such as A-Line, strapless, and V-neck. I've put a few of my favorites dresses below for you to check out! Millybridal offers fast shipping and returns on all items, visit their site for your next dress purchase!

Thank you to to Joracon E-Commerce and Millybridal for sponsoring this post!
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Jord Watches



What time is it? Summertime! * Yes, that’s a High school Musical reference for all you Disney nerds out there!* It’s finally starting to heat up here in SLC and I am so happy I can finally start getting my summer clothes out of storage. I’m making a conscious effort this year to stick to a budget and only buy items that I know are: 1) quality and 2) are something I’m going to love for many years down the road. I haven’t always been a watch person, but recently I received a Fieldcrest Maple watch from Jord Watches and I’ve been wearing it non-stop as you can see in the photos above!

Jord Watches offers high-quality wood watches for men and women and while it might sound a bit crazy, they are so amazing! The thing I love most about their watches is how UNIQUE each one is! Their watches are made out of various types of wood and each has a sleek watch face to it. Upon placing my order for my Fieldcrest Maple watch, the watch arrived within just a few days which is also a HUGE plus for me since I love when companies provide quick shipping! The watch arrived in the most beautiful wooden box and came with a cleaning wipe and a one-year limited warranty card! While this watch fits me perfectly, Jord Watches provides additional links with your purchase so you can easily add links or remove links if necessary. I love my wood watch and know it’s an accessory piece I’m going to wear for years to come!

I’ve put the link to the watch I’m wearing below, along with some other Jord Watches I think are amazing! Oh and check out their Men’s watches for some Father’s Day gift ideas!

 Fieldcrest Maple Watch c/o Jord Watches | Swooning over this  Sidney Watch | Collection of Men’s Watches

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Summer Style with eShakti: Discount Code

I’ve talked about my great experience with Eshakti on the blog before (see the post with my customized Paris dress here), so with their recent release of new products I couldn’t resist telling you all about it!

For those of you not familiar with eShakti, eShakti specializes in custom-designed dresses, allowing you to change the length, sleeve style, neckline on all of their products. You put in your measurements on their website to ensure the product fits you like a glove!  eShakti just released their own line of jumpsuits, shorts, and pants and they are AH-MAZING! Their website is so easy to navigate, especially now that they’ve organized their products into specific lines, such as Bohemian and Contemporary. You can quickly search for their products depending on the “vibe” you’re going for, which I think is so great since my style is constantly evolving and I love exploring different trends.  I’ve gone through their website and picked out a few of my favorites; remember that all of these can be customized to fit your unique body!
It’s always so hard for me to find cute, modest shorts during the summer time, so I absolutely love these eShakti polka dot Bermuda shorts! And these pineapple pom-pom shorts are so cute; I can definitely see me rocking these at the beach this summer
Most of my time is spent in work clothes so I comfortable pants is a must. These cute joggers and denim waist pants would be perfect for casual Fridays and you could easily dress them up to wear throughout the work week!
Shop eShakti Pants
Jumpsuits are a big trend this year and this chambray denim jumpsuit looks so flattering!
eShakti is offering readers of Unpredictable & Chic a $35 dollar coupon that can be used on any full priced merchandise from their store! Use the code listed below at checkout and enjoy spoiling yourself with some summer shopping! The code is only valid until June 21st so start shopping at eShakti today!
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Workout with Ooh La Leggings

Working out, I'll be honest and admit its absolutely not my favorite thing to do. I actually have been avoiding working out for a while now and I am setting a goal this summer to be better! With working full time, spending time with my husband, family, house chores, church duties, etc. it's hard to motivate yourself to get to the gym and break a sweat!  I was recently introduced to Ooh La Leggings! I am a big fan of leggings to begin with but awesome printed leggings that can function as fashionable and work-out worthy? I'm sold. These thick and thin leggings are so comfortable and I especially love that the material is thick enough that they aren't see through! The bright pattern is definitely a statement too and I've got so many compliments when I  wear them! They have a lot of other great prints too that you can find on their website.  By using promo code "OOHLACHIC15" at checkout, Ooh La Leggings is offering to all Unpredictable & Chic readers your first two pair of Ooh La Leggings for $21 plus free shipping with the promo code! That is such a great deal considering how high quality these leggings are.  

Use Promo code " OOHLACHIC15" at checkout for this great deal and don't forget to check out Ooh La Leggings on Instagram at @oohlaleggings. They are always hosting great giveaways and posting information on new sales, they even have their own hashtag: #WhereIWearOLL

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