Just a Little Update.

Why hello blogosphere. It’s been a long time since I sat down and wrote out some thoughts. I’ve been absent on this blog for a number of reasons. Mainly there were things in my personal life that deserved more attention than I had been giving them and it came down to prioritizing what was the most important to me. While I love sharing my creativity with others, I’ve realized throughout this past year how brutal the blogging world can be, even from fellow bloggers. As a blogger you work hard to put yourself out there and it’s difficult to find the motivation to express yourself when you know there are people out there behind their computer screens and phones actively criticizing your efforts.

Kudos to all the ladies out there who can have a thick skin and find time to blog consistently!  I have been staying up to date on all of my favorite blogs during my free time and I love seeing how creative and inspiring so many of you are. I’ll be posting more often in the upcoming weeks, sharing with you some of my favorite shops, fashion ideas, and recipes as we are finally in what I consider…..the best time of the year!  
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