Downtown Boho

Most Mondays I'm not really excited for. I'd definitely have to say it's my least favorite day of the week. However... my husband surprised me up with Lady Gaga tickets for my birthday so I'm heading to her concert after work today!! Gaga is pretty crazy so I'm excited to see the show she puts on.

When I was preparing to shoot with Meagan of Hearts of Gold Photography a few weeks ago I was really hesitant about this outfit. I LOVE kimonos, gladiator sandals, and comfy t-shirt dresses but mixing them all together…. Would it work? I went for it and actually loved the way it turned out! With fashion nowadays, you can pretty much put anything together and make it work! I found this duster kimono from H&M on clearance for $15 and these gladiator sandals I got off Amazon!

When it comes to trying out new trends I try and find cheaper alternatives at Amazon, Forever 21, or Walmart before since I want to decide if it’s a trend I really like.  If it ends up being something I don’t really like, at least I only spent $20 on it than $50+! Meagan with Hearts of Gold photography is so talented and I love the work she does! Check out Meagan’s blog Hearts of Gold and her photography portfolio, she is so talented at what she does! 

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  1. Love this bohemian-inspired look! So pretty!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  2. I got gaga tickets for my birthday too ;) I'm so excited!! Love this outfit.


  3. What an awesome surprise! And this outfit is great. Love the boho vibes...especially that kimono. Perfect!


  4. Court, you are adorable! xox Donna


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