Red, White, and Blue

Happy July 4th weekend everyone! July 4th is one of my favorite holidays during the year. I love spending time with family, enjoying fireworks, eating great food and watching our hometown parade. I'm especially grateful for all the men and women, especially those from my own family that have given their time, talents, for many of them... their lives, in exchange for the freedom of our country While I don't agree with everything that goes on in current politics today, I do agree on the fact that our country was founded by some amazing men who were inspired of God. I am so grateful for my freedom and for being born in the good ole USA!! 

If you're in need of a quick, easy DIY project, see the DIY AMERICAN FLAG TEE TUTORIAL that I made last year (pictured above). I've also got some July 4th inspired treats/recipes on my pinterest board, Holiday Flair! 

We had a recent family photo and I wore a little red,white, and blue to get in the holiday mood! Hope you all have an amazing weekend! 
Necklace c/o toAdorn  |  Dress H&M  | Jacket Forever 21
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