Our Infinity Necklace

I've been up all night going through my jewelry and clothing trying to get rid of things I don't use. I noticed that many of the jewelry pieces that I wear all the time are things that have a special meaning to me. I love wearing pieces that remind me of a memory or feeling. This 24k gold infinity necklace from Onecklace is one of my absolute favorites and you’ll catch me wearing it all the time. You can see that my husband and I’s ( I think that's the proper way to say that!) names are engraven on infinity portion of the necklace! I love this because it’s such a great reminder of the promise we made to each other when we said “I Do” almost two years ago! The engraving is beautifully done and I can't help but smile when wearing this gorgeous 24k gold necklace around my neck.

Onecklace offers a variety of personalized jewelry pieces in sterling silver and 24k gold plated that you can have engraven as well. Their prices are very affordable and what a unique statement piece these necklaces are!  This is such a great gift idea for an anniversary or birthday for your loved one. I was impressed that Onecklace had fast shipping and it was extremely easy to place my order online via their user-friendly website. Visit Onecklace today and get yourself one of their unique jewelry pieces! 
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  1. I love it--definitely want one for myself! It's so pretty!


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