How To Maximize Your Time on Social Media

I wonder sometimes what I did in my spare time before I had an iPhone. I’m constantly on my phone looking at Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin, Twitter, you name it. I’m either posting or looking at other people’s posts and before I know it… I’ve been staring at my phone for an hour. Sound familiar? As much as I love what social media has brought into my life, I have been looking for ways to cut back. I’ve compiled some tips to help you shorter your time on social media while still being productive with your posts.

Everyone will have different peak traffic times depending on your time zone, blog focus, and number of followers. Think about when you look at social media. Is it first thing in the morning? On your lunch break? At night when you’re lying in bed? You can find peak times for your follower demographic by scheduling your Instagram, Facebook & Twitter posts at various times for a 2 week span to see which posts get the most views. This can help you narrow down what times of the day are the best to post in order to have the most impact on your readers.

It’s hard to be involved on all social media channels at once so find a social-media management tool to do it for you! I currently use the free version of HootSuite as an App on my phone. It allows me to shrink the URL links of my blog posts into mobile friendly URLs and I can schedule Facebook & Twitter posts up to a month in advance. This saves me so much time and gives me the capability to be engaged on social media while still having a life as well!  You can also look into other social media management tools such as SocialOomph, Sprout Social, and SocialFlow that I have heard many others really like!

In my opinion, it’s better to be really involved in a few social media channels that to have your hands in way too many. There are new social media outlets being created everyday so stick with the ones you feel comfortable and enjoying participating on. I stick with Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest as my top social media sites. Facebook has recently dwindled as a top social media site for me and I don’t feel like I get as many post views now that Facebook has altered the way they manage pages.

Social media is a great way to interact with others and build your followers. Searching & commenting on photos or tweets with a specific hashtag is an easy and quick way to engage with others that have your same interests. This is such an effective way to build relationships with others and grow your followers/readership quickly!

Do you have any other ideas I may have missed? Leave them in the comments below!

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