Black & White

So last night was a little crazy to say the least! My sister goes to BYI-Idaho and there was a major flash flood right near her college campus. Click to see the hashtag #byuiflood and you'll see some pretty crazy pictures and hilarious commentary from students. Glad she's safe and hey her classes got cancelled so can't complain about that! I'm going to a concert tonight with the hubby and I am BEYOND excited. I absolutely love live music and can't wait to see my favorite artist in concert! More of that later this week...

There is something about black & white photos, I fall in love with them no matter what the photograph is of. The colors of these photos turned out a little strange so I converted them to black & white, just for fun. I love boyfriend jeans this year and I’m contemplating putting some holes in these ones…. What do you think? I am obsessed with these Sole Society Sheila Heels and they easily can dress up any outfit. What’s your favorite go-to heels? 

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  1. I love that you converted these pics to black and white - makes them look so classic!!! I am dying over those shoes too, so fab! xoxo Danielle @


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