Wedding Season: Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Wedding season is in full swing here in Utah; but when is it not right? Later this month we will celebrate our two-year anniversary of getting engaged and I can’t help but remember all the chaos that ensues when planning a wedding. Like I’ve said before here on the blog, I wanted my wedding d├ęcor, reception venue, and most of all, my wedding dress to be a direct reflection of my personality. Your wedding dress is something very important and you want to feel beautiful and content wearing it on your special day! I remember it took me a while to finally say “YES to the dress” since most dresses I came across either weren’t my style or were definitely out of my price range.

DressV has a great selection of affordable couture wedding dresses that will satisfy your style and your budget. I wish I would have known about their website when I was dress shopping because it would have made my decision so much easier! I know purchasing your wedding dress overseas and online can be really intimidating but DressV provides detailed sizing on every one of their dresses and they offer quick shipping! I  especially love the DressV mermaid wedding dresses I have seen on their website lately. Mermaid dresses are very flattering since they accentuate your curves and so feminine. Visit today to see more of their DressV sexy mermaid wedding dresses that will have you feeling confident and beautiful when you walk down the isle on your special day!

** This has been a sponsored post from DressV. All opinions and thoughts are my own.
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  1. Oh my gosh that first dress is beautiful! Makes me want to have another wedding so I can have that dress haha.


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