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When it comes to being poolside this summer, my main focus is being comfortable and relaxed. I haven’t felt that great about my body the past couple months and am definitely not feeling as ready for swimsuit season as usual. Every summer I have the dilemma when buying a new swimsuit… bikini vs. tankini/one piece. Bikinis provide me with much-needed chest support but I feel exposed when wearing them. Tankinis are modest but they often don’t fit perfect in all the right areas I need them to.

Well I’ve got great news…Modkini was invented specifically for this swimsuit dilemma we all have faced! Modkini Swimwear allows you to adding a well-fitting tankini section to your current bikini top! Bikinis often have more style options, different fits and different patterns than tankinis, so this allows you to take advantage of the bikini styles while still providing you with the coverage of a tankini! I love that the Modkini is not permanently attached to your bikini. I can choose to have the added coverage when I feel like I need it and it’s a very cost-effective option! There are two ways to attached your Modkini to your current swimsuit and they have easy Modkini instructions and a tutorial video for how to do both of them.

Here are some before and after photos of my black bikini top from H&M with the Modkini attached! 

You can see in the “after” photo that I’ve attached the Modkini section onto my existing bikini and while wearing it, it feels seamless. I chose a Medium size for a more tighter fit, but you can always size up if you'd like more wiggle room. Modkini is such a great invention and I  really love being able to simply alter my bikini depending on my mood. Check out Modkini’s website for more product details and pick yourself up a Modkini for only $25.00! 

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  2. Love this floral bottom, it's so cute!
    x. Sabrina | Simply Sabrina

  3. This is such a great idea! After having 2 babies in 14 months I am definitely not as confident in a bikini as I once was. Will definitely have to check this out!

    Found your site via the Connections for Blog Growth group and I really like what I see :)


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