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Happy Monday, back to the work week so soon! Hope you all had a relaxing day spent with your fathers & husbands! I'm trying to ease myself into the week again-- this weekend was just too fun! If you follow me on Instagram (@unpredictableandchic) you probably saw I attended the Utah Style Icon Awards in Downtown SLC! It was a fun event spent with my favorite girl friends and I even got a little gold ink to show for it (temporary of course)! Today's outfit is showing one of the big trends this year... Kimonos! As much as I love the kimono trend, I’ve had the HARDEST time finding any online or in stores.  It’s taken some serious searching to find ones and I’m here to share with you all my secrets! This multi-colored kimono is from Cotton On, one of my favorite stores! Unforunately the one I'm wearing is no longer available but they have a great variety of kimono prints! I suggest you act soon because I know their stock is dwindling. I liked that this kimono had a tribal vibe to it and I love all the bright colors that it has. For some inexpensive kimono options, here are some direct links to places I would suggest looking at: Tillys, Love Culture and Forever 21.  Urban Outfitters and Pacsun also have some however they are more on the expensive side for me.

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  1. Super cute!! I love the booties mixed with the kimono and hat--very boho chic :) Forever 21 has been my favorite place to find affordable kimonos!


  2. Ditto! I'm so hooked too. I'm still searching for my perfect one. I think I'm being too picky about pattern, haha!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee


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