I Brake for Thrifting

If I had to choose a bumper sticker for myself it would say: I Brake for Thrifting. Thrifting is by far one of my favorite hobbies. I love altering items to fit me but it’s the best feeling when you go thrifting and you find something that automatically fits PERFECTLY. This skirt fit like a glove when I tried it on and for a price tag of $4.00, yep couldn’t say no. I love the long length of this midi skirt and the dark floral fabric. Fashion goes full circle, always has always will (unless we’re discussing Crocs) and I’m grateful to whatever grandma dropped this off at the thrift store! 


  1. Beautiful skirt!

  2. I haven't been able to do this in awhile! I'd love to do it this weekend. I think you've given me something to add to my to-do. I hope your having a great Wednesday!

  3. What a gorgeous floral skirt! And I totally agree with your bumper sticker idea. :)

  4. Lovely skirt!

  5. That skirt is really stunning! So pretty, and looks so good with that belt and white top.


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