Gold-Foil Prints by Troublemakr Etsy Shop

We moved into a new apartment about a month ago and since I’ve been focusing a lot on decorating. One of my favorite 2014 Home D├ęcor Trends is Gold-Foil Prints. Gold-foil prints are such a great way to express your personality. I have been on a gold kick lately so when I saw these gold foil prints from TroubleMakr Etsy Shop, I knew I needed one for my gallery wall! Anastasia, the shop owner, is extremely talented and offers such a great variety of gold-foil prints!

After taking forever to decide which one to get, I finally decided on the Snow White Gold Foil Print from the Troublemakr Etsy Shop. When it arrived I couldn’t believe how intricate the detail is, you can tell in the photo I posted above how perfect it looks. Snow White was one of my favorite Disney Princesses growing up and I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic about my childhood when I saw it! Imagine how CUTE this print would be in a little girl’s room/nursery? I’ve chosen to put this print on a side table in our bedroom where I keep my necklaces and beauty supplies. It adds such a fun touch of personality to the space and I love how amazing they look no matter where you have them in the room. These gold-foil prints truly are worth every penny and are such a great, inexpensive way to add some glam to any room in your home! I’ve also included some of my favorite prints from the Troublemakr Etsy Shop collection below for you to take a look at.

Visit Troublemakr Etsy Shop today and spoil yourself with one of these stunning gold-foil prints!

** This Snow White Print was given to me courtesy of Troublemakre Etsy Shop. All opinions are my own.
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