Chic Weekly 6.5.14

Lately I've been....

 CRAVING fresh fruit, mangos anyone?
DOING lots of internet searching for cheap flight deals out of SLC
DREAMING about having fruit popsicles in the summer sun
DROOLING over leopard sandals.. i need them!! 
 GIVING some thought into getting into essential oils, anyone have recommendations?
 GRATEFUL to whoever pinned this guide to fruit-infused water
 HAVING withdrawls from the SLC Farmers Market, only a week until it starts again!
HOPING my brain will stop going so fast. I can’t stop multi-tasking 24/7!
 LOVING all the giveaways going on here on the blog. Have you entered them yet?
 MAD that the US didn’t think of this before…work 6 hours & get paid for eight? Brillant.
 MAKING D.I.Y. Face masks since my face is erupting as of late.
 MISSING my cousin Lauren who is out serving an LDS mission in NYC (Read her blog here)
 PRAYING that I can find more opportunities to serve others
 SINGING  old rap songs from the high school days. "Candy Shop" by 50 Cent anyone?
READING the E-Book Pinterest to Pinteresting by Harold Writes
 THANKFUL for the tender mercies God gives to me, even if it takes me a while to realize them.
WANTING these neutral gladiator sandals for summer
WATCHING the Harry Potter movies on repeat
WISHING I got more time at the pool, my legs are white, white, white!
WORKING on updating our patio d├ęcor with these colorful ideas in mind
WONDERING if my future children are up in heaven cheering me on… it’s weird but almost comforting to think about.
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