Chic Weekly 6.12.14

Lately I've been.... 
 CRAVING the vegetarian salad from Costa Vida
DOING lots of de-cluttering around the house and in my personal life
DREAMING about weird looking creatures chasing me through the streets.....really random
 GIVING some thought into July 4th decor! Can't believe it's right around the corner! 
 GRATEFUL to be absolutely content with where my life is right now. Wouldn't change a thing.
 HAVING lots of fun dinner dates downtown with the hubs
HOPING for a relaxing, sunny Saturday spent at the farmers market & car show
MAD that my sunburn is still sticking around. It’s been almost a week and I’m still red.
 MAKING delicious freezer meals with my mom
 MISSING how amazing and carefree the summers were as a child
 PRAYING for these things for my husband
 SINGING Lana Del Ray’s “Once Upon A Dream” song from Maleficent.
READING You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
 THANKFUL for our life, I take our first-world luxuries for granted
WANTING to care less about worldly stuff. None of it is coming with me in the afterlife.
WATCHING the first season of BBC’s Sherlock on Netflix. OBSESSED!
WISHING my style icons Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Happy Birthday tomorrow.
WORKING on my new exercise/weight-loss plan which starts next week
WONDERING if I'll ever find a plant that forgot to be a plant but instead looks like a human

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  1. Chocolate peanut butter popsicles, where can I get that from?!!!!


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