Best. Day. Ever.

I am in love with graphic tees this season not only because they are easy to style but because they are a great way to project a positive message without having to say anything! I wore this BEST.DAY.EVER tee shirt  from Elevate Promo while doing errands in Downtown Salt Lake City and I can’t tell you how many comments and stares I got from people. A gentleman at the grocery store asked me, “Is today really the best day ever? Did you get married or something?” and at first, I was really confused because when does a RANDOM person ask you a question like that out of the blue? Then I realized he was referring to my shirt! I love that his first go-to was marriage because our wedding day was indeed one of my Best Days EVER; however we can’t all get married every day…. SO here’s what I’d consider my realistic Best.Day.Ever:

 You think no hands is hard... try no feet! ;) 

A few years ago I purchased a 1960’s beach bike of Craigslist and my dad helped me restore it with new tires, new paint color, new everything! It has since become something I love to ride and it helps me relax and feel like a kid again. My best day ever would also include my little sister (my mini-me!).  My sister and I are very close and I don’t get to see her very much considering she lives in another state.  My Best Day Ever would be that she was back here in Utah so we could hang out, laugh together, and eat our favorite summer treat, rhubarb. If you’ve never had it…you are missing out!

Want your own Best Day Ever t-shirt? One of you can win a BEST. DAY. EVER. tee from Elevate Promo. To enter follow the Rafflecopter below! The shirt comes in your choice of green, blue, and red and size Small- Large! Remember every requirement you complete, the better chance you have of winning! All entries will be verified and the winner will be announced and notified via email next Tuesday, June 10th!   There will be a blogger competition for who has the best day ever and best BEST. DAY. EVER. tee – I would love your support when that starts next week!

Shirt c/o Elevate Promo 
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  1. Any day that I can spend with my hubby!

  2. Thanks for sharing your giveaway with Visible Monday!

  3. My best day would be spent with my childhood friend who now lives 200+ miles away. We wouldn't even need to anything special. Great giveaway! x

  4. I've ALWAYS loved graphic tees! Perfect for casual days :)

    aka Bailey

  5. You look so good! You're photos are the cutest, you are rocking that tee! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  6. A day at the beach with my family. Love this shirt!

  7. Spending the day with my two daughters laying out by the pool with cold beverages sounds like the Best day ever currently.

  8. So cute!! Love your blog. Love you!! Way to go!!!


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