Chic Weekly 5.29.14

Lately I've been....
 CRAVING ice cold water
DOING more outdoorsy stuff since the weather has been amazing
DREAMING of owning some pineapple printed leggings
DROOLING over these caramel apple grapes
 GIVING my closet a detox before summer. Getting rid of things is such a great feeling.
HAVING late-night Netflix sessions of Once Upon a Time
HOPING my hair will actually start to grow! I’m sick of its current length
 LOVING this slideshow of recent Taylor Swift outfits. She is flawless!
 MAD that I shattered some of my DIY pieces over the weekend when I dropped them on accident. All my hard work, gone. L
 MAKING a new inspiration board in my bedroom, the blog reveal is coming soon!
 MISSING summer as a kid. It was nice not having so much responsibility.
 PRAYING that everyone in my family can be watched over. I’m a major worrier!
 SINGING the Frozen soundtrack, especially the track “For The First Time in Forever
READING about ways to love your body more
 THANKFUL that I live in a free, first-world country. I can’t believe that stoning women for following true love is still condoned in parts of the world.
WANTING these hair extensions from Bellami
WATCHING the new X-Men movie, such a great show!
WISHING that every week could be a 4 day work week… it has gone by so fast!
WORKING to get back into a regular workout routine. These pins have been really helpful
WONDERING where we should go on vacation this summer. So many places, so little time.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! I am sure they will really helpful!


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