Chic Weekly 5.22.14

Hello Everyone, Lately I've been....

 CRAVING vanilla ice cream sandwiches
DOING nothing but organizing our new apartment… it’s been very time consuming
DREAMING that summer was here already
DROOLING over this artwork Pinterest board.
 GIVING lots of foot massages to my hubby (he’s got a crazy work schedule right now!)
 GRATEFUL that I have a reliable job with a great company
 HAVING too much fun looking at photos of the happiest cat in the world.
HOPING to put these blogging resources into action soon
 LOVING the new wall gallery I finally did in our front room. Pics coming soon!
 MAD about pineapple print right now
 MAKING oatmeal casserole for breakfast, yum
 MISSING the college days in St. George with all my girlfriends
 PRAYING that I can accomplish all the things I need to in the upcoming weeks
 SINGING songs from Joseph & The Technicolor Dreamcoat (Don’t ask me why)
READING this blog post about Return Missionaries & LDS Culture
 THANKFUL it’s a four-day weekend for me and my sister is coming down to visit!
WANTING to make some watermelon popsicles soon
WATCHING Love It or List It on the HGTV channel. Nonstop.
WISHING my skin tone wasn’t so white…. I need more Vitamin D in my life right now.
WORKING on finishing the rest of the decorating in our bedroom
WONDERING what new color of lipstick I should buy next...
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  1. Candy yum yum by mac is really cute on brunettes it's a great shade of lipstick. It's very
    Very bright though. Yay for four day weekends!!!



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