Chic Weekly 5.15.14

I have been feeling lately like I need to make this blog more of a place where I can record memories and share our adventure of being newlyweds and living downtown, like an online diary of sorts. While I love sharing fashion and the outfits I create, there is so much more to me, my interests, and my life! I have struggled getting personal on the blog sometimes since I am a VERY private person. I’m trying to work on that because I know that sharing isn’t always a bad thing, it’s a way to connect with others.  I hope you like this new layout for Chic Weekly… it allows me to get a little bit more personal with all of you. Thank you to all my loyal readers, I love being able to have this blog as a creative outlet and each of you make every post worth it for me!


 CRAVING strawberries! I’ve probably bought $40 worth of them in the past month. #addicted
DREAMING about traveling Europe again.
DOING way too much celeb-stalking on Twitter (Follow me at @cjpruitt23)
DROOLING over this stunning outfit combination.
EATING the enormous bag of Sour Patch Kids that my Mom gave me (she knows me too well.)
 GIVING way too much thought into decorating our new place.
 GRATEFUL that I have a best friend & husband all wrapped in one.
 HAVING thoughts of dying my hair like this.
HOPING my dentist appointment tomorrow for my crown goes okay.
 LOVING that Once Upon a Time is adding the Frozen characters into the next season!
 MAD that I don’t have a lot of energy lately.
 MAKING lots of healthy smoothies.
 MISSING my sister who is away at college! L
 PRAYING that I can keep my priorities straight.
PINNING tons of gallery wall artphotos for d├ęcor inspiration.
 SINGING "Baptized" by Daughtry.
READING Cosmo Magazine
 THANKFUL that we were able to move into a new apartment,
THINKING about the relationship between social media and loneliness,
WANTING these gold gladiator sandals for Summer,
WATCHING too many squirrel videos (this one is my favorite!)
WISHING that time didn't go so fast,
WORKING on updating our bedroom color scheme to navy, coral, and grey,
WONDERING how this lady actually thought that putting Pop Rocks on her genitals was a good idea!
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