Chic Weekly 5.1.14

When you really sit down and think about it, it seems strange to imagine the world before the internet. Twenty years ago, nobody knew what Facebook, Instagram, or “selfies” were, let alone that people would actually make a living off sharing their passions on the internet. Blogging is really still in its “early” years and I love being a part of something where the possibilities are truly endless. Writing this blog has introduced me to an amazing community of people that each have a unique, special story to tell. While the internet has its fair share of cons to offer its users, I am grateful that the internet allows me to see, connect, and be inspired by the creativity found in the photographs, videos, and blog posts created by everyday people, just like me.

Today is the first day of my new weekly posting, Chic Weekly! I’ll admit that it took me a while to come up with a good name for this and I’ve grown to like what I came up with. Given the fact that my blog is called, Unpredictable & Chic, it seemed fitting to use part of my blog title for this weekly post. Every Thursday I’ll be sharing some of the unique links, photographs and videos I found throughout the week on this lovely place we like to call… the World Wide Web!  I hope this will be a fun posting to look forward to and it’ll give you some fun reading material for your weekend.

Ever experienced “Instagram-envy”?  Companies are benefiting from it big time.∙ 

This woman stopped reading mommy blogs and she has some valid reasons why.

Miley Cyrus’s backyard is weirder than she is.

I really want to see this documentary, not just because of the controversy.  Has anyone seen it yet?

A little d├ęcor inspiration… I now plan to spray-paint everything gold this weekend

An interesting quote to make you think a little more about your perspective

And don't forget... Tiny Hamsters eating Tiny Burritos

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