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Oh Friday, how I love you. This week was pretty laid-back, even with having my root canal procedure done mid-week. For the record, it actually didn't hurt as bad as I thought! I went back to work right after, even with my face still all puffy and numb! My co-workers got a good laugh. Another question for someone to answer for me.... WHY do dentists try to talk to you when your mouth is WIDE OPEN and obviously full of dental equipment? Do they really expect anyone to actually respond? I get they're trying to be nice but seriously, if they teach that in dental school they should stop because it makes no sense.

In preparation for posting this lovely sweater I decided to do a little searching of the internet. The internet holds so many hilarious gems, honestly. I found the Random Giraffe Facts website, which no only has an awesome background but gives you thousands of random facts on Giraffes, as if the website didn't already tell you what to expect! Check it out, you may learn a few new things like.... did you know that giraffes can drink 12 gallons of water in one sitting? AND every step a girafee takes is over 15 feet long! Random facts to add to your Friday right? 

Now onto the outfit, The weather here in Utah is seriously psychotic. It’s beautiful and warm one moment, cold and gloomy the next.  I always make sure to have some sweatshirts left in my closet year-round for those days when it gets a little chilly. This giraffe sweatshirts is one of my absolute favorites, I love the graphic on the front. Who doesn’t love a cute giraffe with glasses on? J I threw on some shades so me and my friend giraffe could be twinners! These pants are some DIY ripped jeans I did a few weeks back. My husband gave me the weirdest look when I was wearing them but after seeing them on these photos, they are growing on me. I may rip them a little bit more though… what do you think?

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