Morning Prep: How to Get Ready in 10 Minutes

I put off getting up in the morning until the last possible moment. Let's just say the snooze button is my best friend! I have my mornings planned out and know exactly what time I need to leave the house in order to not be late for work. Sound familiar perhaps? Everyone is so busy these days that who wouldn’t love a few extra minutes of snooze time? Here’s a formula that is actually do-able and will cut your getting ready time to less than 10 minutes (promise!)

Plan Your Outfit the Night Before
- I know this one may cliché but it really is super helpful. I did this all through high school/college and it was super helpful! Have your outfit ready, including your purse & necessary accessories so don’t have to spend your early morning brain power trying to put together something stylish to wear.

Braid Your Hair
I haven’t started doing this until recently but now I swear by it. I got this idea from my sister who always has the best beach-wave hair! I take a shower before I go to bed and once my hair is half wet/half dry, I split it down the middle and French braid each section. I tie the ends off with small elastic ties and sleep with my hair like that overnight. In the morning I just take the elastic ties out, brush through my hair with a wide-tooth comb and Wah-la… beach waves! It saves time having to constantly be curling/straight-ironing my hair and it also has dramatically decreased the amount of split-ends that I have!

Minimize Your Daily Makeup Routine
 Having applied makeup on my face for the past 10 years… I’ve established my daily makeup routine and my favorite products are. Instead of having to dig through my huge makeup bag full of products I only use on special occasions, I store all of my daily makeup items in a separate small makeup bag so I can easily find all of the products I need in the morning.

Have Easy-Fix Products on Hand
When you’re running late or need to fix a bad hair day, having dry shampoo and hair accessories such as a sock bun, headband or turban on hand are easy fixes that can quickly update your look without much effort. I keep my deodorant, body spray and perfume in a container on my bathroom counter so I can quickly use them as I’m heading out the door!

What's your early morning routine? Share your own tips below in the comments! Thanks for reading!

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