Everything is Better in Color : Spanish Fork Holi Color Festival 2014


One of the best feelings in the world is checking something off your bucket list. A few weeks ago, I was able to attend the Holi Color Festival in Spanish Fork, UT with my mom and sister! I have wanted to do this for FOREVER and finally decided to make it happen. Holi is an ancient Hindu religious festival that has become extremely popular throughout the world. It is a spring festival known to many as the Festival of Colors! One of the activities done at Holi consists of colored powder being thrown in the air and on onto everyone in attendance. By the end of the festival, everyone looks amazing!
It was such a fun experience and it was amazing to see thousands of people come together to just have fun and be crazy! We worked our way into the middle of the crowd and you literally couldn’t breathe there was so much powder floating in the air. No person looked the same after the colors were thrown. There were so many cool patterns and designs that the colors created on everyone (see the picture of my sister’s hair below!) I've put together some tips for any newbies heading to the Holi Color Festival in Spanish Fork.
Get There Early
The festival started at 10AM, with the first color being thrown at 11AM. Getting there early will allow for less stress with parking and it was an amazing experience to be there for the first color throw of the festival!
Wear White
Not only is it fun to see the before and after pictures, but it will make the colors look more vibrant!
Bring Your iPhone
I captured so many pictures on my iPhone that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. I brought my iPhone but put it in a plastic Ziploc bag in my back pocket. I could take it out, or even shoot photos with it inside the Ziploc bag and they ended up turning out amazing. Your phone will capture those in-the-moment shots and the powder comes right off so it won’t stain or ruin your phone.
Close Your Mouth
It’s hard when you’re in the moment but keep your mouth shut! There were many times during the color festival where I got a handful of color thrown into my mouth. Worst. Taste.Ever! Your whole body will be covered in color so there isn’t anywhere to really whip your mouth off. Did you notice my teeth in the picture above? You can see a tint of powder on my teeth so trust me, I'm not lying!
Be Respectful
Even if you don’t know much about the Hindu religion, you should still respect their traditions and temples. The Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork takes place at the Radna Krishna Temple which is absolutely beautiful! There were tons of people not following the signs listed and were defacing property during the festival.You are attending the festival as a guest and should be respectful of those who put this event together.
Yes it’s Claustrophobic
They expect nearly 70,000 people to attend the festival in Spanish Fork every year. The temple grounds are pretty big but not THAT big. Be prepared to get up and personal with others because your personal bubble will get popped! During the color throws it is extremely packed and so be prepared to get friendly!
It Doesn’t Stain
I heard lots of horror stories from people who went years previous that had pink streaks across their face for months. The colored powder will be harder to get off if you get it wet first. Let the color dry and it can easily be brushed off your clothes, face, and hair. I wouldn’t recommend wearing any clothes that you love. Buy clothes from the DI and prepare to throw them away after the event.
The Aftermath
It’s important to take into consideration what you’re going to do AFTER you leave the festival covered head-to-toe in colored powder. Nobody wants to see their clean car seats get destroyed! We brought old towels and used those to wipe off our face and hair. We brought a change of clothes and threw all of our “colored” clothes into a plastic bag to be thrown away. We wiped off the rest of the leftover color off our bodies then put clean towels on the seat and back of the car seat so we wouldn’t get anything ruined.
Last but not least…Purple Boogers
Sorry I had to throw this one in because it’s absolutely true. Don’t be shocked when they come out a little more COLORFUL than normal!!!

Have you ever been to a Holi Color Festival? Is this on your bucket list? Let me know below in the comments! Thanks for reading!
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  1. this seriously looks amazing!

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