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Hope you all are enjoying your week, we are half-way to the weekend so hang in there! This outfit post is one of my favorites to date. I won't lie, when I found this Celine Paris tee on Persunmall I freaked out! Not only because I have been wanting one for a while now, but because it was only $13! The fabric of this shirt is extremely comfortable, soft, and absolutely surpassed my expectations. Persunmall is at the top of my list when it comes to online shopping. They have affordable prices and high-quality items that allow you to look great while keeping to a budget. I went for more of an "edgier" look for this outfit (yes don't laugh, my definition of edgy is ripped jeans and studs!) and I had to add these mirrored aviator sunglasses that I got at Forever 21 recently. When you put them on, you just feel cool. I've realized that not many people are use to seeing themselves in someone else's shade because I've gotten some REALLY weird looks wearing them around town! Oh well, I love them so expect to see them on repeat. Don't forget to enter the $50 Shop Credit to Shop HCB going on {HERE}!

Outfit Details
Celine Paris Tee c/o Persunmall | Jeans: DIY | Shoes: Forever Young Shoes | Aviators: Forever 21

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Spring Florals feat. Dressing Dallas

Today I'm teaming up with Lauren from Dressing Dallas to share both of our takes on the trend: Spring Florals! Here's Lauren to tell you about a little bit more about herself....

Hey There! My name is Lauren and I blog over at Dressing Dallas. This blog is dedicated to all the things I love in life and my personal journey through style and beauty. I love to experiment with fashion, explore the latest trends in clothing and beauty, and I love to discover new things! I'm constantly trying to find new, budget friendly options for all of us busy women out there, and I love to share what I am learning! Some of my most recent posts are 2014 Spring Color Trends, My 30x30 Challenge , and My favorite Face Luminizers. Make sure you head on over to my blog to see the fun posts I have up every week and to enter a $120 J Crew gift card giveaway going on right now! I also love to meet new bloggers and readers, so get to know me through Instagram, Bloglovin', Twitter and Facebook. Make sure you follow along so you are up to date on all things fun and fashionable!

Isn't her skirt adorable? Be sure to visit Dressing Dallas and follow her on social media! Here's a few bonus photos of how I wore the Spring Floral trend!

Linking up with Megan Card || Style Elixir
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Shop HCB $50 Giveaway (CLOSED)

Here to make your Monday better with an amazing collaboration and giveaway with my new favorite online boutique, Shop HCB! Shop HCB is a trendy affordable boutique offering a great selection of everything from dresses, statement necklaces, and cute shoes! I am in love with the blush/light pink hues right now, so I couldn't help but gravitate to this Short Sleeve Tunic Tee. I really like the loose, relaxed fit to this tunic and it's a great versatile piece I can wear to work, a date night with my husband, or dress it up for church on Sundays. I paired it with this Crystal Fan Necklace in gold which adds the perfect touch to complete the outfit. I cant get enough of statement necklaces lately and I'm swooning over Shop HCB's Tribal Beaded Pendant and this Chunky Tassle & Stone necklace. While you're checking out these necklaces make sure to check to see their collection of bow back blouses & dresses! The detail on these is so chic and feminine, I'm dying to wear one of these to an outdoor concert this summer!

Shop HCB is giving away a $50 Shop Credit to one lucky reader of Unpredictable & Chic! The Giveaway is open to US Readers only and will end next Monday, May 5th at Midnight. Enter using the Rafflecopter below...GOOD LUCK! P.S. If you don't have any of the social media accounts needed to complete the required steps for the giveaway, leave me a comment below and we can discuss optional ways to enter! 

Short Sleeve Tunic Tee c/o Shop HCB | Crystal Fan Necklace c/o Shop HCB
Bag || Ebay   Kitty Flats | Forever Young Shoes

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Say Hello to My Little Friend...

Oh Friday, how I love you. This week was pretty laid-back, even with having my root canal procedure done mid-week. For the record, it actually didn't hurt as bad as I thought! I went back to work right after, even with my face still all puffy and numb! My co-workers got a good laugh. Another question for someone to answer for me.... WHY do dentists try to talk to you when your mouth is WIDE OPEN and obviously full of dental equipment? Do they really expect anyone to actually respond? I get they're trying to be nice but seriously, if they teach that in dental school they should stop because it makes no sense.

In preparation for posting this lovely sweater I decided to do a little searching of the internet. The internet holds so many hilarious gems, honestly. I found the Random Giraffe Facts website, which no only has an awesome background but gives you thousands of random facts on Giraffes, as if the website didn't already tell you what to expect! Check it out, you may learn a few new things like.... did you know that giraffes can drink 12 gallons of water in one sitting? AND every step a girafee takes is over 15 feet long! Random facts to add to your Friday right? 

Now onto the outfit, The weather here in Utah is seriously psychotic. It’s beautiful and warm one moment, cold and gloomy the next.  I always make sure to have some sweatshirts left in my closet year-round for those days when it gets a little chilly. This giraffe sweatshirts is one of my absolute favorites, I love the graphic on the front. Who doesn’t love a cute giraffe with glasses on? J I threw on some shades so me and my friend giraffe could be twinners! These pants are some DIY ripped jeans I did a few weeks back. My husband gave me the weirdest look when I was wearing them but after seeing them on these photos, they are growing on me. I may rip them a little bit more though… what do you think?

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Eat Right: Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes

One of the hardest things I’ve been dealing with lately is the fact that I don’t have enough time in the day, nor do I have enough energy to get all the things done that I want to. I HATE feeling scatterbrained and I am, without-a-doubt, one of those people who likes to have everything planned out. While I love to cook, there are simply other things in my life that take bigger precedence right now. I still want to cook healthy, nutritious food for me and my husband; however I really don’t have a lot of time to devote to the kitchen. The more I thought about it, I realized that this problem in my life right now (not having enough time in the day!) probably isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Once I have kids and we move into a bigger place, my time is going to be even MORE stretched. And to all you moms out there…I seriously don’t know how you do it! Moms make the world go round and seriously… the world would really be a sad, disorganized place without all of you! 

Pinterest is one of my favorite social media sites right now; follow my Pinterest profile if you haven’t already! I browsed Pinterest for hours and found so many great recipes to share with you today. These are all delicious, healthy recipes that don’t require a lot of time prepping for! **sound the APPLAUSE! ** Quick & Easy Healthy Recipes... it's kind of a mouth full right? No pun intended. :) Check out my Healthy Recipes Pinterest Board below and follow along! Let me know in the comments if you have a Pinterest account too, I’d love to follow you back! I hope these recipes are helpful in allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen and can make your life a little easier.

Follow Courtney Pruitt's board Healthy Recipes on Pinterest.
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Introducing Beverly Swimwear

Swimsuit season is almost upon us and for many there are “YAYS!” and for many more of us, there are “BOOs!” While I love laying out and enjoying the summer sun, striping down to the itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie-bikini isn’t my favorite thing in the world. Over the years I’ve slowly become more accepting of my figure and realizing that having curves isn’t necessarily a bad thing! I think it’s important to be realistic and honest with yourself when it comes to your body. Everyone is very unique and we all have our different struggles with accepting our bodies.  I have come to terms with the fact that I’m never, ever, ever, going to be a size 2. My hips are just too wide and I haven’t been blessed with the best genes either (major thyroid issues) so yeah….it’s just not going to happen. Enjoying swimsuit season in my opinion is all about finding the right swimsuit that accentuates all the right places.

I love Beverly Swimwear! Not only can you design your own swimsuit, but there are actually cute AND modest options for you to choose! I have really struggled finding a cute one piece this season and after browsing through Beverly Swimwear’s collection—it was super hard to choose which one to get! Beverly, the amazing designer behind it all, was more than happy to alter some of the sizing to accommodate my measurements and my swimsuit arrived so quickly after I ordered it! I love the variety of prints she offers and it allows you to really make your swimsuit your own.

We have a hot tub here at our apartment complex downtown so I’ve been putting this swimsuit to lots of use and can't wait for it to start heating up here in Utah! I love the design and the darker panels on the sides help accentuate my curves. Check out Beverly Swimwear today and browse her amazing selection of vintage high-waisted bikini bottoms, modest one piece, bikinis and much more!

I know I’m not some Skinny-Minnie in these photos but I’m real! I love my curves and know that overall, being healthy and strong is the most important.  I do want to lose some pounds and inches since I haven’t made working out a big priority over the last year. I’m currently participating in the #1800minutechallenge hosted by Living in Yellow & The Freckled Fox and I’m excited to get back in the routine of working out! Follow along on Instagram (@unpredictableandchic) and I’ll be sharing my progress throughout the upcoming months!

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Morning Prep: How to Get Ready in 10 Minutes

I put off getting up in the morning until the last possible moment. Let's just say the snooze button is my best friend! I have my mornings planned out and know exactly what time I need to leave the house in order to not be late for work. Sound familiar perhaps? Everyone is so busy these days that who wouldn’t love a few extra minutes of snooze time? Here’s a formula that is actually do-able and will cut your getting ready time to less than 10 minutes (promise!)

Plan Your Outfit the Night Before
- I know this one may cliché but it really is super helpful. I did this all through high school/college and it was super helpful! Have your outfit ready, including your purse & necessary accessories so don’t have to spend your early morning brain power trying to put together something stylish to wear.

Braid Your Hair
I haven’t started doing this until recently but now I swear by it. I got this idea from my sister who always has the best beach-wave hair! I take a shower before I go to bed and once my hair is half wet/half dry, I split it down the middle and French braid each section. I tie the ends off with small elastic ties and sleep with my hair like that overnight. In the morning I just take the elastic ties out, brush through my hair with a wide-tooth comb and Wah-la… beach waves! It saves time having to constantly be curling/straight-ironing my hair and it also has dramatically decreased the amount of split-ends that I have!

Minimize Your Daily Makeup Routine
 Having applied makeup on my face for the past 10 years… I’ve established my daily makeup routine and my favorite products are. Instead of having to dig through my huge makeup bag full of products I only use on special occasions, I store all of my daily makeup items in a separate small makeup bag so I can easily find all of the products I need in the morning.

Have Easy-Fix Products on Hand
When you’re running late or need to fix a bad hair day, having dry shampoo and hair accessories such as a sock bun, headband or turban on hand are easy fixes that can quickly update your look without much effort. I keep my deodorant, body spray and perfume in a container on my bathroom counter so I can quickly use them as I’m heading out the door!

What's your early morning routine? Share your own tips below in the comments! Thanks for reading!

Image Source || At The Corner Down The Street

And the winner of the Agnes & Dora Leggings Giveaway is...
Andrea Darst!
 Congratulations, I'll be emailing you soon! Thank you all who entered, I appreciate you supporting my blog! Stay tuned for more giveaways here on Unpredictable & Chic!

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Simple & Strappy Feat. Sole Society

Ankle strap heels seem to be the latest trend surfacing across every blog, Pinterest board and style magazine. Can’t say I blame everyone for loving them, they are pretty adorable! I decided to jump on the bandwagon with these amazing Sheila heels c/o Sole Society.  I love the distinction between the bright blue heel and the animal print strap across the toes. These are definitely what I would call a statement shoe! Since my husband and I literally walk everywhere since we live in the city, I’m constantly on my feet all day every day. I love getting dressed up in heels for a weekend night-out so it's really important for me that heels are comfortable and easy to walk in. These Sheila heels are 4” high, but they are actually really comfortable! I've already worn them around town a few times and they fit like a glove ---which means no wobbling and no blisters! Also, MAJOR apology for my swollen, callas feet in these photos...they definitely get a beating throughout the week! Anyone want to join me for a Pedi soon?

Sole Society has a great variety of sandals, heels, flats and boots ranging from $40-$100 dollars. Their shoes are absolutely worth the money. Not only are they very durable and high quality but the styles they have are absolutely stunning. Have you checked out their recent line by Julianne Hough? To die for! Shoes are an addiction of mine and I’m thrilled to have added these Sheila heels to my collection.

What shoe trend are you loving this season? Visit Sole Society today and check out their variety of amazing shoes! Don't forget to enter the Agnes & Dora leggings giveaway {HERE}, it ends at Midnight tonight! 

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Feminine Floral feat. Agnes & Dora

Sharing another look featuring Agnes & Dora leggings today! This week seemed to crawl by… ugh so grateful it’s over. I don’t’ know about you but I live for the weekends! I’m excited to spend a stress-free weekend doing absolutely nothing. I can’t get enough of the pretty blooms around downtown this time of year! You probably got the hint if saw my springtime photography of Temple Square here on the blog yesterday.

These Agnes &Dora leggings are amazing—not only because they are super comfy, but they have all my favorite colors in them! I instantly gravitate towards anything that has black, coral, and lilac. Floral is a print I’ll never ever get sick of! It’s timeless in my opinion, especially when it involves your favorite color scheme. Agnes & Dora is giving away a pair of leggings to one lucky lady so be sure to enter the giveaway {HERE}! Giveaway ends next Monday, April 21st at Midnight. If you’re too anxious and already want to get your hands on a pair of your own, use coupon code “CHIC15” at checkout to receive 15% off your next order! Hope you all have a great relaxing weekend, thank you for reading! XO

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Springtime at Temple Square

Temple Square is one of my favorite places in the world, especially in the Spring time! If you live or are traveling to Utah anytime soon, you’ve got to see it for yourself.  Located in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, Temple Square is a 10-acre lot owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It is the home to various restaurants, office buildings, and religious buildings such as the Salt Lake Temple, Conference Center and Family History center.  The landscaping is unreal and I can’t believe all the amazing flowers that are blooming this time of year. I walk through Temple Square 2-3 times a day walking to and from work and my downtown apartment. I realized the other day how much I take for granted that I live in such a beautiful place!! I've been trying to make more of a conscious effort to take better photography and learn the settings on my DSLR camera. Temple Square has been one of my favorite places to photograph lately and I thought I’d share some of my latest photos with you all! Feel free to use them but remember to link it back to me if you share on any of your sites! 

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Black & Yellow

Just last week we had some family pictures taken with my husband’s side! It was surprisingly great weather and the final photos turned out great! The color scheme was black, yellow, grey, white, and black. Cue the “Black & Yellow” song right? J I was struggling a little bit to find something cute that didn’t make me look like a bumble bee. When this necklace arrived from Simply Reese via  toAdorn, I knew it would be a perfect accessory piece to tie my whole outfit together! I love the bauble trend and statement jewelry is great when it comes to standing out in photographs.  toAdorn is a daily deal site with cute, affordable clothing and accessories! They've constantly got new products and they post new deals every day right at twelve AM. The deals last up to three days or until the product is gone, so it's important to act quick to make sure you get the deal! Don't forget to sign up for their emails so you can stay up-to-date on all their latest products.

 $185 Paypal Cash Giveaway
Agnes & Dora Leggings Giveaway

Hey Ho... let me take a #SELFIE!
White bauble necklace c/o of Simply Reese via toAdorn
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