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So I had one of my first real "grown up" moments this week. 
Remember how I haven't had a working car in over two months and I walk basically everywhere? See more on that story here. I finally sold my broken car on Wednesday to some person on KSL (that person ended up being my old neighbor, weirdly enough) and it's so nice to have that issue out of the way. It was sad seeing my first car go bye-bye. I had so many memories in that car from random road trips in college to teaching me what the heck a hydrosolator is. I'd explain it to you but hey, isn't that what Google is for? 

I also prepped for an upcoming fashion show at University Mall this weekend. All you Utah readers out there... be sure to come! Stay tuned on Instagram (@unpredictableandchic) for more details on this fun event at The Gap! 

The best thing about blogging is meeting other wonderful ladies who love all the same things you do. I was lucky enough to meet Jody from Jody Beth last year and she is one talented lady! Not only does she go to college, work and blog, she's a wifey AND owner of Oh My Chic Etsy Shop! She's got a great variety of infinity scarves, turban headbands and pillow covers available.  This aztec tube infinity scarf fits amazing and is such a comfy fabric. It's a perfect accessory piece to throw on when you're in a hurry and want to achieve that "put-together" look. Enjoy the weekend and stay tuned for some more fun posts next week!

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  1. I like the fall colors going on here in your outfit! The dark purple bottoms, gorgeous scarf on top. The scarf really ties everything together. Great look!
    Visiting from the Favorite Friday link up :)
    Exploring My Style

  2. Love your scarf, the print is amazing!


  3. You look gorgeous! That scar if so pretty! I recently sold my first car too. It was sad to see it go, but it was time. Now I'm sharing a car with my husband. It's complicated sometimes but we are making it work!

  4. Love both of you! :) This scarf is so cute! Love it with the burgundy.
    I've yet to let go of my first car hahaha


  5. This whole outfit is adorable! Diggin' that scarf!

  6. I really like this outfit - the colorful scarf pulls it all together.


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