30 x 30 Outfit Challenge: Week 1 & 2

This month I’m participating in the 30 x 30 Outfit Remix Challenge! To learn more about it and see the 30 clothing items I chose, visit here.  Here are my true, unfiltered thoughts on the challenge thus far:

Easiest Thing About The Challenge:
I have less clothes to choose from in the morning so it makes picking an outfit quicker.
Hardest Thing About The Challenge:
 I’ll think of a cute outfit, then realize one of the pieces wasn’t one of my 30 x 30 items! I struggle not being able to choose from my ENTIRE close, there are some other clothes I’m dying to wear!
Fashion Lesson I’ve Learned so Far:
 Don’t go for the obvious choice. Put together clothing items you wouldn’t normally think of.  
Love it or Hate it:
So far, I really like it! I’ve still got a lot of outfit ideas in mind so I feel like this is something I can definitely accomplish. I’ve got some blogging events coming up so I may have to break the challenge for a few hours… ha-ha but I’m trying to stay strong!
Here are my outfit layouts for the past 12 days! Unfortunately I don’t have a photographer/husband combo like Girl Meets Glam & Caraloren so the easiest way to document my outfits is to take photos of them in the morning before I get dressed! Hope you like the outfits so far! Which one is your favorite?

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  1. love all these outfits! great work!

    xx L

  2. Sounds like this challenge would be SO hard!! You're doing great, girl!

  3. These are super cute outfits! Looks like you're doing a good job to me...


  4. Thanks for sharing your look! I have a pair of red pants like yours, but don't know what to do with it. You did really well. Come check on me in red pants next time.

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