30 x 30 Outfit Challenge: Outfits 20-25

Giving you an update on this month’s 30 x 30 Outfit Remix Challenge. I’m more than half-way done and I’m starting to get anxious to wear some of my new spring clothes! I’ve always wanted to try out the 30 x 30 Challenge and I’m happy this is something I finally can say I’ve done! To learn more about the challenge and to see the 30 items I chose, click this link {here}! Below are my feelings on the challenge this past week… oh and don’t forget to see outfits 1-12 see {here} and outfits 13-19 {here}
Easiest Thing About The Challenge:
Hm… right now I can’t think of anything, except for the fact that I only have a few more days left!
Hardest Thing About The Challenge:
 I’m starting to feel redundant with my outfits. I’m getting a little bored of the same choices and realized this is definitely not something I could do all the time!!
Fashion Lesson I’ve Learned so Far:
Accessories can really make an outfit! Many outfits really are pretty simple, but if you add a fun, bold jewelry it can completely change your outfit.
Love it or Hate it:
Yeah I think I’m pretty much over it. I’ve only got a few days left so I’m trying to hold out strong but man this challenge has definitely gotten harder the longer it’s gone on.

Is the 30 x 30 Challenge something you think you'd ever participate in? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you for stopping by and supporting me on this blog!
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  1. I'm loving these outfits!!! I love that "The New Icons" shirt!!! Love your blog!!


  2. These are all super cute looks! Way to go!! I really want to do this some day. Maybe in the summer?


  3. What a great challenge. I am definitely not that creative with my outfits (which is why I'm not a fashion blogger.) But I love to read about other people doing the challenge.

  4. The 30x30 seems difficult, its great you've gotten this far and your outfits look awesome...not repetitive at all!
    An Unblurred Lady

  5. Love this post!


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