30 x 30 Outfit Challenge: Outfits 13-19

If you haven’t already seen here on the blog, this month I’m participating in the 30 x 30 Outfit Remix Challenge! This Outfit challenge was created by Kendi Everyday and it’s something I’ve always wanted to try out. I’m already on week three and it’s been getting harder to stick to my original 30 items.( see what I chose here!) With spring here and some awesome recent purchases, I’m struggling with the challenge sorta! Below are my feelings on the challenge this past week… don’t forget to scroll to the bottom to see all my outfit choices! See my responses and outfits 1-12 see here.

Easiest Thing About The Challenge:
Still it’s really just the fact that I don’t have as many clothes to choose from in the morning when I’m trying to decide what the heck to wear to work!
Hardest Thing About The Challenge:
 Shopping. There have been so many good sales lately and I want to wear all of my new clothing so so bad!
Fashion Lesson I’ve Learned so Far:
Less is MORE! It is important to have key pieces that can be versatile in your closet.
Love it or Hate it:
Even though I’ve got a bunch of outfits still in mind, I’m starting to get sort of bored with it! I did have to break the challenge for a fashion show event I attended at The Gap this past weekend (oops!) but other than that I’m still staying on course! 

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  1. Grate! Nice day and greetings from Moscow!
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  2. Oh Day 15, is certainly my style!!! Shopping would be my hardest thing, money wise, lol!

  3. Love day 13 and 15! My favs!

  4. I ordered this dress and it's gorgeous. Absolutely beautiful. In any shop you'd pay a huge amount for this dress. I am so pleased with the dress and I don't regret buying online at all.


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