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Sweater || c/o RoseGal  ( exact one HERE)  Jeans // Lauren Conrad via Kohls  Clutch // Thrifted  Sunglasses // Rue 21  Ankle Boots // Forever Young Shoes   Gold Monogram Necklace // c/o 9th & Elm (exact one HERE)

I'm in a love/hate relationship with this week. The things I love about it : it's feeling more like spring here in Utah, it's finally Thursday, and its the week of love! Things I hate about this week: I've got a cold sore the size of the Mojave Desert on the inside of my bottom lip, I'm feeling fat and it's freaking ONLY Thursday.... It needs to be Friday NOW! I'm lucky and have next Monday off from work and I am counting down the days until I can actually sleep in. 

This sweater has been on my must-have list for a few months now so when I saw in on RoseGal for only $18, it was a done deal! RoseGal is such a great site because it not only has vintage pieces, but a whole selection of affordable tops, outwear, and bottoms. I seriously think I spent probably 2+ hours roaming their site looking at all of their great deals. With many websites that are super affordable, often the quality is lacking. I have been more than pleased with this sweater and it's been really durable, considering I've already worn in 5-6 times since it came in the mail a few weeks ago! I finally got myself a Gold Monogram Necklace and this one from 9th & Elm is above and beyond my expectations. I love the bold gold color and the beautiful calligraphy writing. Monogram is huge right now and 9th & Elm offers a variety of chain lengths which is something I'm always really picky about. 9th & Elm has so many great, high-quality products available at discount prices so stay'll be seeing more of their items here on the blog again very soon! 

Thank you for stopping by and P.S. I'm starting to get into Twitter more and more lately ( my username is @cjpruitt23) If you've got a Twitter account, don't hesitate to leave your username in the comments! I'd love to follow you! Happy Thursday and head on over to RoseGal and  9th & Elm and get yourself something pretty. I guarantee you'll be like me and find browse their sites for endless hours! 

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  1. Cute sweater! And as it happens, I also have a cold sore in the same spot and It's making me feel all icky this week.... it's the worst! Here's to next week!

  2. Loving the pattern of that sweater and I really need to get one of those monogram necklaces! So cute!

  3. I swear you have the best sweater collection EVER. I agree that it needs to be Friday!! And I'm super excited about having Monday off too! :) Headed over to check out that site now!


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