Fashion Sweatpants

As life gets busier and I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized the importance of feeling comfortable vs. looking fancy. There’s a time and a place for certain clothing items. Example: Wearing super tall heels to a sporting event. Cute? Sure. Comfortable? Not so much.  I will pick a comfy outfit 9 out of 10 times when I'm getting dressed in the morning. I’m constantly torn between getting all dolled up vs. wearing pajamas to the grocery store… which could inevitably end up with my feature on the “People of Walmart”  website. I love a good pair of leggings, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes I like a little room to move around without feeling like my entire bottom half is on display.
I’m here to introduce you to fashion sweatpants. These are a mix of legging material and sweats and they are honestly the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn in my life. They’re perfect for when you’re on the go and give off a simple, laid-back look. I love the mix of grey and black on the front and the nice contrast it makes.
These photos were taken before running some errands around town, as you can see I’m super low-key and comfy! It was beautiful this weekend in Utah so I couldn’t resist wearing a simple tee while the sun was out! Scroll down for outfit details and P.S.  Did you hear that I'm participating in a 30 x 30 Outfit Challenge? Click HERE to learn more and follow only to see the outfits I come up with! 

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Up for a Little Challenge...

One of my goals this year is to cut back on the money I spend on clothing. I made this my goal because of the following reasons:

#1- I already have tons of clothes, many of which still have the tags on, or don’t get to see the light of day too often.

#2- I have noticed I buy duplicates / similar pieces of clothing. I’ll have five different shirts, all the same shade, and basically the same style. I really want to get better at buying a variety of clothes instead of sticking with my favorite colors/styles.
I am happy to announce that throughout the month of March, I will participating in the 30 x 30 outfit challenge that many of you are probably already familiar with. This challenge was created by Kendi Everyday and it’s such a great idea I couldn’t resist at least trying it once! You choose 30 key pieces from your closet and create 30 different outfits to wear using just those pieces! I have wanted to do this for ages and I’m finally making it happen! To avoid having to post my outfits every day here on the blog, each Wednesday I’ll be showing my 7 outfits from that past week.  I will be sharing all of the tips, tricks and ideas that I had while doing this 30 x 30 experiment. I think having versatile pieces in your closet is essential and learning to really “create” an outfit is a skill every woman should try to learn! Let’s be honest…Dressing well is an art!
Here are the 30 pieces I am going to be using during this experiment: 
 7 Bottoms
- 2 Skirts
- 2 Leggings
-3 Pants
 10 Tops
- 3 t-shirts
- 3 sweaters
-4 button ups
 2 Dresses

 5 Outwear
- 2 blazers
-2 Cardigans
- 1 Jacket
 6  Pairs of Shoes
- 3 pairs of boots
- 1 pair of heels
-2 pairs of flats


Follow me on Instagram (@unpredictableandchic) and stay tuned for Saturday March 1st when I reveal the first outfit I’ve created for this 30 x 30 challenge! Don’t forget to check back in next Wednesday to see a collage of the outfits for that week! 
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Lady In Red

Happy Monday Everyone! I'm bringing you this outfit with a funny, TRUE story that you'll hopefully get a laugh from. These photos were taken a few weeks ago following a family party one Sunday afternoon.  As my sister and I went out to take photographs, there were blue skies, a few clouds and some decent rays of sun. We kept cracking jokes, laughing and getting side-tracked (like most sisters do) and BAM! That’s when it happened.  The skies became overcast, dark clouds started rolling in and before we knew it, it was not only raining… but hailing!  It started coming down so fast and didn’t look like an end was in sight so we hurried and took a couple shots before it became too unbearable! So if you notice the "hail balls" in my hair, drops of rain all over my dress, and my “hurry-up-it’s-freezing” face in these photos, that’s why! If you're from Utah or if you've been to Utah, you'll likely know that the weather here changes so quickly, you usually don't know what to expect! Definitely makes getting dressed in the morning a little tricky. 

I’ve been really struggling to find dresses that are a modest length and that are not skin tight. I feel like the dress selection in my closet is very sparse so I’ve been keeping my eyes out for months, hoping I’d find something that matched my wish-list. H&M is where I got this one, in the clearance section, which was buy one get one free…making the total of this dress a whopping $4.25 cents.  **APPLAUSE! ** H&M is one of the only places I’ve been able to find dresses that are flattering AND have a good length.  Modesty and comfort are at the top of my list when it comes to purchasing clothes.  I love this dress too because who hasn’t dreamed of wearing a dress this color when the song “Lady In Red” is playing in the background…. Dream fulfilled!

Dress || H&M   Bracelet || Armed& Readi c/o   Watch || Urban Peach Boutique  
Belt || Lauren Conrad at Kohls

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Leading Lady

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I live for the weekend. I’m excited because we really have no big plans this weekend and I’ve spent nearly every weekend for the past month being busy with family parties and blogging events. I’ll be spending my weekend relaxing with the hubby and sprucing up some things here on the blog. Is there anything you want to see less/more of? If so… feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below!
This is one of my new go-to outfits because it’s comfortable yet looks very chic! It’s something I could wear running errands or on a date-night out downtown. I have really been working on getting more classic statement pieces in my closet {more on that to come!} and this jacket from Persunmall is one of my new additions. This jacket fits great and I love the contrast between the leather sleeves and the beige section. The zipper adds to the drama and really gives the jacket a fun, edgy feel to it. I'm also jumping on the hat trend this season. When you wear one you can't help but feel feminine. I searched high and low for one and FINALLY came across this beauty.... and it ended up being the last one available so I definitely got lucky. Oh and the lighting in these photos was perfect so sorry ahead of time for posting a lot of them...keep scrolling for outfit details!

Jacket || Persumall c/o     Skirt || Charlotte Russe    Hat || Pacsun similar options here and here)
Necklace || Forever 21   Shirt || Thrifted
Persunmall has such a great selection of clothing for affordable prices. I really was pretty shocked and how far my money went when purchasing things from their site. Stay tuned for some more great items from them in the upcoming weeks! One thing that’s important to remember when shopping from oversea shops is that it may take a few weeks to get your order.  I don’t mind this because I’m usually not in a rush to get things, PLUS considering how affordable Persunmall’s clothing is, it’s definitely worth waiting a few extra days for. I’m adoring this floral 3/4 sleeve dress, this Celine-inspired Structured Handbag and these leopard harlem pants they have available. Head over to Persunmall and check out all of their great deals! 

Happy Friday everyone and hope your weekend is relaxing and stress-free! Thank you for reading, I appreciate everyone who supports me with this blog. Follow me on Instagram (@unpredictableandchic) and Twitter (@cjpruitt23)! I'd love to follow you back so leave your usernames in the comments!

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Basic HTML Codes Every Blogger Should Know

As a blogger you’ve got your hands in a lot of things. Aside from being creative and sharing your hard work with others, you’re may also be a photographer, writer, social media expert, photo editor, model, and web designer. During the past year of blogging I have taught myself everything I know about HTML and how to make changes such as centering my sidebar images to completely re-doing my entire website. While I’m not discrediting getting a paid blog designer, I think it’s usefully to have some HTML knowledge so you can make easy fixes to your blog on your own without having to contact an expert every time something doesn’t look the way you’d like.

Basic HTML Codes that Every Blogger Should Know

Example: <=margin: 10px; float: left;" ="images/path/image-name " width="400" height="350" />
Tip: This may not work with all images. Some images may be distorted depending on their quality. Make sure when changing the size of the image that you keep the difference still in perspective. Example: Change Width “400” to “600” and change Height “350” to “550” so the image dimensions stays the same when increasing the size.

Tip: This will not work for images you have uploaded straight from your computer. The image must have an HTML code, which can be found either by uploading from or by switching to the HTML section located in the top right corner of your blog post draft.

REMEMBER: Before making any changes to your HTML blog design or HTML blog post, remember to always save your HTML code in a Word Document or backup drive that way you have something to go back to just in case something goes wrong while you are editing it. There are lots of HTML help sites that you can reference and I’ve listed my favorites below.

How to Insert a “Pin It” Button for all Images:

How To Center Your Blog Header:

Hope this information was helpful and I know it was very, very basic. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via the comments or email me at if you have any additional questions!

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Beanie Obsessed

I can't help but smile that it's a four-day weekend for me! Let me tell ya, I could get use to Mondays like this. It definitely makes Sunday nights not as dreadful as they normally are. I'm spending today hanging out with my sister and enjoying some much-needed time to catch up on some projects I've got in the works! Keeping this post simple today with a little casual outfit. It's funny how a beanie can make practically any outfit have a little big of "grunge" to it.  This is a look you'll usually see me in when I get off work and I'm running around downtown running errands and grocery shopping! I have been obsessed with beanies this winter, with this red one being one of my favorites....

Outfit Details:
Sweater, Skirt and Shoes: Forever 21
Beanie: H&M
Purse: Thrifted

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Gold & Brights

Outfit Details
Sweater || c/o RoseGal  ( exact one HERE)  Jeans // Lauren Conrad via Kohls  Clutch // Thrifted  Sunglasses // Rue 21  Ankle Boots // Forever Young Shoes   Gold Monogram Necklace // c/o 9th & Elm (exact one HERE)

I'm in a love/hate relationship with this week. The things I love about it : it's feeling more like spring here in Utah, it's finally Thursday, and its the week of love! Things I hate about this week: I've got a cold sore the size of the Mojave Desert on the inside of my bottom lip, I'm feeling fat and it's freaking ONLY Thursday.... It needs to be Friday NOW! I'm lucky and have next Monday off from work and I am counting down the days until I can actually sleep in. 

This sweater has been on my must-have list for a few months now so when I saw in on RoseGal for only $18, it was a done deal! RoseGal is such a great site because it not only has vintage pieces, but a whole selection of affordable tops, outwear, and bottoms. I seriously think I spent probably 2+ hours roaming their site looking at all of their great deals. With many websites that are super affordable, often the quality is lacking. I have been more than pleased with this sweater and it's been really durable, considering I've already worn in 5-6 times since it came in the mail a few weeks ago! I finally got myself a Gold Monogram Necklace and this one from 9th & Elm is above and beyond my expectations. I love the bold gold color and the beautiful calligraphy writing. Monogram is huge right now and 9th & Elm offers a variety of chain lengths which is something I'm always really picky about. 9th & Elm has so many great, high-quality products available at discount prices so stay'll be seeing more of their items here on the blog again very soon! 

Thank you for stopping by and P.S. I'm starting to get into Twitter more and more lately ( my username is @cjpruitt23) If you've got a Twitter account, don't hesitate to leave your username in the comments! I'd love to follow you! Happy Thursday and head on over to RoseGal and  9th & Elm and get yourself something pretty. I guarantee you'll be like me and find browse their sites for endless hours! 

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Why Every Blogger Should Attend A Blog Conference

If you follow me on Instagram (@unpredictableandchic) then you already know that I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Build Your Blog Conference 2014 hosted by the Six Sisters in Downtown Salt Lake City. The conference was absolutely amazing and I loved that it took place literally across the street from my apartment. I had such a great weekend and came home with lots of inspiration and ideas. If you're a blogger, you NEED to attend a blog conference.. and here's my reasoning why.

1. Networking & Friendships
When I started my blog almost a year ago, I never knew it was something that would introduce me to such wonderful women. Being married and working a lot, it's hard to keep up friendships with people as you become an adult. I felt like I really lacked good girlfriends in my life, people I could vent to, relax with, or just go grab a bite to eat with and catch up. I was blessed a few months ago to be introduced to some other amazing Utah bloggers and we have been connected ever since. I was able to attend the conference with Jalynn Shroader, Lily Cano, Kristin Davis, Jody Beth , Rachel Sayumi and Jessi LaRue. These girls are now some of my best friends and I love spending time with them. The conference was such a great place to be introduced to bloggers of all different niches and to companies that really are looking for the influence that us bloggers have in the community. I felt like I came away having made many new friends. 

2. Community
Lets be honest, as much as you try to chat with your husband or family about blogging, there are some thing that ONLY other bloggers get! It was so relieving to be in a huge room with 400+ women who "get it". They understand the frustration of  blog layouts, countless hour spent editing posts and photos, working to increase your bounce rate, etc. etc! While many of the other bloggers in attendance don't blog about things I do, I know that deep down we each have the same concerns, goals, and passions for our blog. 

3. Classes
Their was such a wide variety of classes offered, making it difficult to decide which ones to take! Classes ranged from open discussion, object photography, to Google + and monetizing your ads. I came away from every class having learned something new to apply to my blog. The conference offered panels of bloggers who shared their success stories and it was truly inspirational to think that my blog could really go somewhere one day if I keep at it! Don't forget to take good notes, I literally wrote down everything I heard and can't wait to put all the tips I got into action!

4. It Bursts Your Comfort Zone
I won't hesitate to admit that I was really nervous for this conference. I had no idea what to expect and was afraid of having to talk to sponsors and other women I had never met before. As a blogger, you post about your passions online ALL THE TIME, but getting out there and actually pitching your blog to sponsors and other bloggers face-to-face is something completely different. There are a lot of my friends and family that don't know that I am a blogger; it's something I pretty much keep to myself and haven't really told a lot of people about, Having to talk one on one with others about my blog was something very challenging and refreshing for me. And P.S. If you wouldn't told me a year ago that I've have my own blog business cards, I wouldn't thought you were crazy. I LOVE how they turned out though!! 

Sorry, couldn't resist, but really....You Only Live Once! I can't say I'll be a blogger for the rest of my life but right now I'm young, I love sharing my passions on the internet, and I'm a blogger. Like many of you, you may not plan on being a blogger for forever, but it's satisfying to know you embraced your love for blogging and did everything you could to succeed in the moment. I'm happy I went to this conference because you really never know what could come of it. Risks are necessary to grow and it's important to step away from the nitty-gritty of your blog and really enjoy being physically being a part of such an great community! 

If you're a blogger, I really encourage you to try to attend a blog conference. While I know many of them can be expensive, I really feel that it's worth every penny. I learned so much and had many great experiences during this 2-day conference and am now working hard to attend as many more as I can!  Have you ever attended a blog conference? If so, which one? Any recommendations on which one is the best? I'd love your input!!

Thanks for reading and happy happy Monday! 

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