Missing the College Years

Can you believe it’s already Monday again? We had the best weekend in St. George which was a much needed getaway. Koy and I both attended Dixie State College and it is where I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. I hadn’t been back there in almost two years and we were in need of a little getaway. College was such an amazing time for me and it may sound cheesy but I left part of my heart there. If you left home to attend college I think you can identify with what I’m saying.

My college years were years where I learned so much about myself and what I could handle. I realized the things that were really important to me, the type of person I wanted to be and my direction I wanted my life to go. One of my favorite things about being at college was that I learned to be okay with being alone. Growing up my family did everything together. We went to the grocery store together, ran other errands together, I never was alone unless I chose to be. When I first arrived at college, I remember feeling so nervous to grocery shop and fill up gas in my car! When I left college three and a half years later, those little things were the things I miss most. I missed being able to ride my beach bike through the St. George streets, I missed sitting outside the St. George temple alone just because I had a bad day. I missed being able to do or go wherever on the weekend because I was the only one who had a say. There’s something special about being able to accept yourself for who you are. Have you ever tried to just drown out the noise and listen to your heart? For some people it scares them to hear their own thoughts. How sad I think that is because you miss the opportunity for inspiration and self-reflection. Those years in college taught me to be my own best friend. I felt like I was more in tune with myself during those years than I have ever been in my life. I relied so heavily on the Lord and his guidance which is something I need to continue to be better at. I look back at those times where I spent countless hours at the library, meeting new people at random dance parties, hanging out by the pool with my best girlfriends and blasting the music in my crappy beater car while I drove down the Boulevard. I MISS those days! I don’t regret not living in the moment during college because I did, but I do regret wishing they’d go by quicker. Bit of advice to all you current college students? Yeah having a grown-up job isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be people!!

Sweater // Old Navy
Scarf // H&M
Skirt // Thrifted
Booties // Poshmark

This outfit is one of my favorites, just because I love the little details and mixture of fabrics. I paired this knit sweater with a wool skirt and added this fur scarf I got at H&M last year on clearance! It’s a great accessory to add a little glamour to any outfit. It’s still frigid here in Salt Lake and I must admit, I’m definitely counting down the days until Spring!
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  1. You look darling!!! That skirt and that sweater is just too cute!!!

  2. love the booties~ I sometimes miss college days- and sometimes I am grateful they are gone!
    Marie @
    In Our Happy Place

  3. I def feel like I missed out on the whole college experience bc I went to school locally to a college in Orange County, total commuter school. But I still miss my college days :)

    Thanks for linking up for Monday Morning Gossip - glad to have you! Next time can you please link back to us and/or use our button? Thanks!

  4. Like Leeann I too went to a SoCal commuter school and didn't have the 'college experience,' I do have days where I miss school though! Then again, I was kind of a dork and actually liked school :P

  5. I'm with you..there are times when I miss college so much and then there are times when I'm so glad life is the way it is now.

  6. College really is such a special time - I definitely miss it too! I currently work at a University and I am always telling the students to enjoy it as much as they possibly can - it is over so fast!

    In other news, I love that sweater and those booties are so chic!

  7. love this! you look amazing. i miss college a lot too. being a big kid is hard.


  8. I graduated three years ago and I think about it wistfully time and again too! It was just such a hopeful time- where you believed anything can happen and you thought of how successful and amazing you'll be right after you'll graduate haha. It's a little harder out here in the real life than in there! As for the outfit, LOVE the fur snood. I've been wanting one too, it's such a pretty accent. It totally made the outfit!

    xo marlen
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