DIY: Make Your Own Heating Pad

This winter in Utah has been especially frigid, go home artic air, and I sometimes feel li
ke I can’t ever get warm enough.  Say hello to my friends, the microwaveable heating pads. My heating pad is an extension of my body pretty much all year round. My husband jokes that I have convinced myself that the heating pad fixes everything and in my head that’s pretty much true. I use my microwaveable heating pad ALL the time, whether it’s for a chilly night, my stomach hurts, or the dreaded time of the month. Trust me ladies, nothing feels better than a heating pad to cure a bad case of the cramps.  I got my first heating pad from a friend back in junior high and I fell in love with it! My mom has made many of these for me over the years and once I got married and officially moved out, I decided I should probably learn how to make them on my own. Turns out its actually SUPER easy and takes only about 10-15 minutes if you’re hand sewing it like I did! Before you get worried, no sewing skills are required, just follow these easy steps and you’ll have yourself a microwaveable heating pad in no time!

1 yard of Fabric ($2 at Walmart)
Needle & Thread ($1 Local Craft Store)
16oz bag of white rice ** Depending on size of heating pad  ($2 Local Grocery Store)

-Cut the fabric into a two squares, however large you would like. I usually make mine 8” by 8” but the size is entirely up to preference. ** Remember, the larger the pad, the more rice you may need!
- Lay both of the fabric squares with the inside of each square facing outward.
- Use your needle and thread to make an easy back and forth stich around the perimeter of the squares. You will want to leave a ½ inch between your stich and the end of the fabric. Proceed to sew around the square until you have one side that is left un-sewn. You will now want to make it so the outside fabric (the part you want to be showing when the final product is done) is on the outside. It should look like an open bag.
- Pour the rice into the bag. ** The amount of rice is purely your personal choice. I like to have enough in the pad that it feels full. Make sure that your pad is easily bendable and that the rice has room to move around inside the pad. This will come in handy when using it on various places such as your neck, stomach, etc.
- Use your needle & thread to make a back and forth stich across the remaining part of the pad. Make sure before using your heating pad that you ensure that all of your stiches are tight and that no rice is coming out! ** SIDE NOTE: I didn’t stitch one side of my heating pad very well when I did this one time and it came out when I was using the heating pad in bed one night. Let’s just say... I woke up to a lot of rice in my bed that next morning!
- Heat your heating pad in the microwave for approximately 1.5-2 minutes. This can be adjusted depending on the size and type of microwave you have.
Enjoy!! If you have any questions regarding this tutorial don't hesitate to comment below or email me!

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  1. I found out that my mom had made all of my siblings one of these for Christmas one year but not me so I threw a little fit (because I'm so mature and all) and she made me one for my birthday! I love it!!!!! My favorite is to use it on my feet after a long day at the salon, it's the best! :)

  2. These are the best! Definitely making one soon..thanks for the tutorial!

  3. Woah so clever, my feet are always freezing at night and this would help tons! Great tutorial!!
    An Unblurred Lady


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