Dun-na-na-na-na BATMAN!

Is it just me or was everyone kinda rude this month? Trust me, I get it. The holidays are over, it’s gloomy, the roads are covered with dirt-covered snow, and everyone would rather be snuggling up on their couch watching Netflix than being at work. Whatever the actual reason may be for people being bratty, it can make January an unpleasant month. This January I feel like I’ve been in a little bit of a rut in all aspects of my life. I don’t want to cook, I get writer’s block with this blog, and I just lack motivation for a lot of things, especially cleaning and getting dressed. If every day could be a bra-less day, the world would be a better place. Just saying. I’m always looking for inspiration and ways to improve and give my life some spice, so if you’ve got any ideas on how to overcome the daily grind, send them my way! So it's safe to say that I'm more than happy to be starting a new month tomorrow! I think once the sun starts shining more here in Utah it’ll definitely help my mood.

This outfit is a complete 180 of what I normally wear. I was just in a black-makes-me-feel-like-a-rebel mood and threw this outfit together. I grew to like it the more I wore it but holy crap… how white am I! I miss the days of college where I basked in the St. George sun and looked bronzed year-round. Boo. I got this lipstick color from my mom for Christmas and I am slowly learning to love it. It’s pretty bold and looks a bit goth at times but it’s a nice bold change from the regular pink/red I’m usually wearing. This Batman shirt is also a present from Christmas from my sista! She knows me oh too well. I love graphic tees, especially ones that involve comic book superheroes. And my apologies for the blog post name, I couldn't resist! (I could seriously rewatch the Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises probably every day and not get sick of them. Great movies!!) I live in these combat boots so they were a natural fit for this outfit. Perhaps something different with my style is exactly what I need to get over this rut. Be prepared for some out-of-box outfits coming your way!

Tee // Walmart
Jacket // Lauren Conrad at Kohls
 Boyfriend Jeans // Cotton On
Boots // Lauren Conrad at Kohls
Lipstick // Maybelline Colorsensations

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Fabulous Fur

Mondays are usually my least favorite day of the week but today I'm showing off this cream fur jacket, which is my favorite clothing item in my closet right now! I had been searching high and low for one and came across this one online at H&M. It was only offered online and when it dropped from $70 to $25, I knew I needed to just go for it! Fur is such a fun fashion trend and it was an extra bonus that I found it so cheap! This cream fur jacket has the best texture and I love the collar. It's great for dressing up and down and I promise you'll be seeing more of it here on the blog! 

Outfit Details
Coat// H&M

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Easy & Effortless

Keeping things short and simple today... IT'S FRIDAY FINALLY!! I have a busy weekend ahead of me with parties, errands and spending quality time with the family! Stay tuned next week for more details on my weekend shenanigans and follow me on Instagram @unpredictableandchic!  This sweater is one of my favorites, not only for the cute detail but it's super soft and comfy-- perfect for the cold Utah weather. I paired it with some boyfriend jeans and flats for a easy look that literally anyone can pull off.  Hope you have an amazing weekend and live it up because Monday will be here soon! 

Sweater // Sheinside
Jeans // Cotton On
Shoes // Forever Young Shoes

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DIY: Make Your Own Heating Pad

This winter in Utah has been especially frigid, go home artic air, and I sometimes feel li
ke I can’t ever get warm enough.  Say hello to my friends, the microwaveable heating pads. My heating pad is an extension of my body pretty much all year round. My husband jokes that I have convinced myself that the heating pad fixes everything and in my head that’s pretty much true. I use my microwaveable heating pad ALL the time, whether it’s for a chilly night, my stomach hurts, or the dreaded time of the month. Trust me ladies, nothing feels better than a heating pad to cure a bad case of the cramps.  I got my first heating pad from a friend back in junior high and I fell in love with it! My mom has made many of these for me over the years and once I got married and officially moved out, I decided I should probably learn how to make them on my own. Turns out its actually SUPER easy and takes only about 10-15 minutes if you’re hand sewing it like I did! Before you get worried, no sewing skills are required, just follow these easy steps and you’ll have yourself a microwaveable heating pad in no time!

1 yard of Fabric ($2 at Walmart)
Needle & Thread ($1 Local Craft Store)
16oz bag of white rice ** Depending on size of heating pad  ($2 Local Grocery Store)

-Cut the fabric into a two squares, however large you would like. I usually make mine 8” by 8” but the size is entirely up to preference. ** Remember, the larger the pad, the more rice you may need!
- Lay both of the fabric squares with the inside of each square facing outward.
- Use your needle and thread to make an easy back and forth stich around the perimeter of the squares. You will want to leave a ½ inch between your stich and the end of the fabric. Proceed to sew around the square until you have one side that is left un-sewn. You will now want to make it so the outside fabric (the part you want to be showing when the final product is done) is on the outside. It should look like an open bag.
- Pour the rice into the bag. ** The amount of rice is purely your personal choice. I like to have enough in the pad that it feels full. Make sure that your pad is easily bendable and that the rice has room to move around inside the pad. This will come in handy when using it on various places such as your neck, stomach, etc.
- Use your needle & thread to make a back and forth stich across the remaining part of the pad. Make sure before using your heating pad that you ensure that all of your stiches are tight and that no rice is coming out! ** SIDE NOTE: I didn’t stitch one side of my heating pad very well when I did this one time and it came out when I was using the heating pad in bed one night. Let’s just say... I woke up to a lot of rice in my bed that next morning!
- Heat your heating pad in the microwave for approximately 1.5-2 minutes. This can be adjusted depending on the size and type of microwave you have.
Enjoy!! If you have any questions regarding this tutorial don't hesitate to comment below or email me!

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Wednesday Style Connection

Welcome to Wednesday Style Connection!
Thanks for stopping by to link-up with us! Jessica from
Afternoon Style and I have created this link-up as a fun place to go every week, to share and find new fashion inspiration. Every Wednesday, we will be sharing our favorite outfits from the past week and we want you to do the same! Link-ups are a great way to meet new bloggers, create new friendships, and to share your fashion creativity with the rest of the blogosphere.  Each week, we will choose our top five favorite looks so be sure to check beck to see who was featured! If you are chosen as a feature blogger, we will e-mail you by Monday night, so that you can post about it on your blog. Meet the hosts and see what our favorite outfits from last week were...
The top five from last week are... 

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Missing the College Years

Can you believe it’s already Monday again? We had the best weekend in St. George which was a much needed getaway. Koy and I both attended Dixie State College and it is where I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. I hadn’t been back there in almost two years and we were in need of a little getaway. College was such an amazing time for me and it may sound cheesy but I left part of my heart there. If you left home to attend college I think you can identify with what I’m saying.

My college years were years where I learned so much about myself and what I could handle. I realized the things that were really important to me, the type of person I wanted to be and my direction I wanted my life to go. One of my favorite things about being at college was that I learned to be okay with being alone. Growing up my family did everything together. We went to the grocery store together, ran other errands together, I never was alone unless I chose to be. When I first arrived at college, I remember feeling so nervous to grocery shop and fill up gas in my car! When I left college three and a half years later, those little things were the things I miss most. I missed being able to ride my beach bike through the St. George streets, I missed sitting outside the St. George temple alone just because I had a bad day. I missed being able to do or go wherever on the weekend because I was the only one who had a say. There’s something special about being able to accept yourself for who you are. Have you ever tried to just drown out the noise and listen to your heart? For some people it scares them to hear their own thoughts. How sad I think that is because you miss the opportunity for inspiration and self-reflection. Those years in college taught me to be my own best friend. I felt like I was more in tune with myself during those years than I have ever been in my life. I relied so heavily on the Lord and his guidance which is something I need to continue to be better at. I look back at those times where I spent countless hours at the library, meeting new people at random dance parties, hanging out by the pool with my best girlfriends and blasting the music in my crappy beater car while I drove down the Boulevard. I MISS those days! I don’t regret not living in the moment during college because I did, but I do regret wishing they’d go by quicker. Bit of advice to all you current college students? Yeah having a grown-up job isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be people!!

Sweater // Old Navy
Scarf // H&M
Skirt // Thrifted
Booties // Poshmark

This outfit is one of my favorites, just because I love the little details and mixture of fabrics. I paired this knit sweater with a wool skirt and added this fur scarf I got at H&M last year on clearance! It’s a great accessory to add a little glamour to any outfit. It’s still frigid here in Salt Lake and I must admit, I’m definitely counting down the days until Spring!
Hope you had a great weekend and don’t forget, it’s the last day to enter the hand-painted necklace giveaway from Eternal Girl! Click HERE to enter!

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For the Fur of It

Denim & Tee // Forever 21
Jeans // Lauren Conrad for Kohls
Fur // Thrifted
Necklace // Jewelry.com  c/o ( It's on Sale! Click HERE!) 

The weekend is finally here and I couldn't be more excited. The husband and I are off for a little weekend vacay so be sure to follow me on Instagram @unpredictableandchic to see our adventure takes us! I haven't had a real vacation in almost six months which I'm seriously not okay with. I am craving to travel some more so hopefully we can make that happen soon! These photos were taken right after my lovely mother dyed my hair. My hair is naturally like pitch black however it gets SOO sun-bleached, especially on the ends. It drives me crazy and I don't know how to make it stop. I love my natural dark hair and my guess is that within then next 2-3 months I'll have super sun-bleached ends aka. DIY OMBRE!!  It's really so nice that my mother does hair because it makes it really easy to change it as frequently as I'd like! 

This outfit is super simple and I love the mix of denim and fur. This gorgeous necklace is from Jewelry.com. It's agate and white sapphire and honestly...these pictures don't do it justice of how gorgeous it is!! When you sign up on their website you'll automatically receive 20% off your first purchase! They have some very high-end jewelry for an affordable price so be sure to check them out! Hope you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy ever minute of it. Monday will come sooner than we think! 
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Dreaming of Spring + Wednesday Style Connection

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sick of this crummy weather lately. I seriously can't wait for spring to arrive! I love the rain, pastels, and most of all, the sun!! Spring brings with it a whole bunch of new trends which I can't wait for. I'm bringing you my favorite dresses, blouses, coats, and bottoms from Persunmall, an amaazzing website that offers great clothes for a budget-worthy price! What more does a girl need right?

Dresses: (Left to Right) 1 | 2 |
Blouses: ( Left to Right) 1 | 2 | 3 

Dresses are always a must, no matter the season. 1- I loved this floral print and the drop waist it had, very flattering! 2- Red looks beautiful with every skin tone I swear! I loved the 3/4 sleeve and the large pockets it has! 3- I have been looking for a cute lace dress for FOREVER and I'm definitely purchasing this one asap! It has a very fun bohemian feel and the lace is so feminine. 

Blouses are great for a night out or to wear at the office. 1- I loved the ruffle and belt detail of this shirt, not to mention the beautiful color! 2- This lipstick blouse is very bold and think how cute this would be to wear on Valentines? 3- Polka dots... please don't ever go away! I love the varying size of the polka dots on this blouse and again the color red.... perfect on everyone!
Bottoms: (Left to Right) 1 | 2 | 3 
Coats ( Left to Right) 1 | 2 | 3 

1- I am in love with cat print lately, and I never really thought of myself as a cat person. This skirt is so full and I love the bow detail on the waistline. 2- Floral leggings are here to stay and for a price as good as this? Yeah  can't pass this up! 3- Leather shorts are so cute and can easily be worn with tights or an oversized sweater. These are sure to make a statement and turn heads. Ooo La La.

Spring in Utah has it's fair share of rain storms and yes... we have had snow here in July. That being said, I always like to have lightweight coats/jackets on hand for those unexpected stormy days. 1- This polka dot print is so cute and it had me sold when I saw that it had a hood. Wear this with a pair of Hunter boots and BAM. Perfect outfit. 2- I love the fit of this jacket and it's even better because it comes in Radiant Orchid, the color of the year! 3- Some days you just want to look like a chic badass. Well here's the perfect jacket for those sort of days. It's okay ladies, we all have them.

Be sure to visit Persunmall.com and see all of their amazing clothing, I promise you'll be swooning over everything they have!!

Now on to some more good stuff...

Welcome to Wednesday Style Connection! I am so glad that you are here to link-up. Here is what Jessica and I have to share with you from last week. 
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Follow The Yellow Brick Road + A Giveaway

Oh the Wizard of Oz, what a classic!
I fell in love with this adventurous story of Dorothy and her dog Toto growing up as my mother is a complete die-hard. We were always listening to the soundtrack, watching the movie, and growing to love each of the characters. (Except for the flying monkeys, which are COMPLETELY freaky. Absolutely. hate. em.) This tale has many great messages, many of which I think we’d be smart to remember especially at the start of the New Year.

There’s No Place Like Home
Don’t Be Just A Nothin’, Your Head All Full of Stuffin’
People Without Brains Do An Awful Lot of Talking
Good Should Always Triumph Over Evil
Find Your Somewhere Over the Rainbow

When I saw this unique Wizard of Oz necklace from Eternal Girl, I knew it needed to be mine.  It has such intricate detail and I loved the vintage look it has. You can see Dorothy's red shoes, the yellow brick road, and Glenda's wand! But what’s the best part about this necklace you ask? It’s completely hand-painted! Julia, the shop owner of Eternal Girl is so talented and makes each and every one of her necklaces by hand. Many of her other necklaces feature objects that specifically symbolize henna tradition. You can choose from black or colored designs and she even does custom orders, so you can have anything designed that you want! She also offers rings, earrings, and greeting cards so there's something for everyone's style!  I absolutely love statement jewelry that allows me to express aspects of my life. This necklace is not just some cliché bauble necklace; it’s something completely unique and artistic! I wore some of my favorite red wedges, just like Dorothy wears her red glitter shoes in the movie. They're a great bold color and add a little pop to this wintry sweater dress. 

 Eternal Girl is giving away this gorgeous hand-painted owl necklace (pictured below) to a one lucky reader of Unpredictable & Chic! See the rafflecopter below to enter. Giveaway is for US Residents Only. Giveaway winner will be notified via email on Tuesday, January 21st

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Hot Dog Potato Soup

Now I know the name may sound weird… but don’t diss it until you try it people. I am an absolute soup lover. I’m pretty sure I eat soup like 3 times a week during the winter! I love all kinds of soup, minus split pea soup (sorry just looking at it makes me want to gag)! Hot Dog Potato Soup however, is another story. My darling mother made this all the time for us as kids and it is one of my absolute favorites in the winter months. While this may not be the healthiest soup around, it’s definitely one that will fill you up quick! This recipe makes a large pot full so it can feed 6-8 people or you can use the rest as leftovers!

1 package of Bar S Hot Dogs
6 large potatoes
1 can of evaporated milk
3 tbsp. Of butter
salt & pepper
1. Peel and cut the 6 potatoes into bite-sized pieces. Place the cut potatoes into a large cooking pot.  Fill the pot with water until all of the potatoes are submerged. Cook the potatoes on high until you can easily pierce the potatoes with a fork. IMPORTANT: Do not drain the water!

2. Add the can of evaporated milk to the water mixture and potatoes in the pot. Add the butter and make sure it fully dissolves.

3. Cut up the entire package of hot dogs and put them in the soup. Let cook for an additional 5 minutes or until the hot dogs are fully cooked.

4. Add salt & pepper for extra flavor and serve hot! ENJOY!! 

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