How We Wore It: Winter Outerwear

It has been artic here in Utah lately so when I did this collaboration with Karissa from Karissa& Co, a bit of jealous crept in because of her blue skies and warm temps in Idaho! I couldn’t be more delighted to introduce you to Karissa’s blog. She has such great style and I love reading her posts throughout the week! Check out her blog here and follow her on Instagram // Facebook // and Twitter!

Regardless of wherever you live, it can get “cold” ** define that however you will**. When that happens, it’s a great excuse to get bundled up in cute winter accessories! Karissa is seen wearing a cute bow headband and some fingerless gloves, while I’m sporting some leg warmers and a bow beret! These are all great accessories combinations to keep you warm and toasty.


Coat // Forever 21
Leggings // Target
Boots // Forever Young Shoes
Leg Warmers // gifted (see similar here)
Beanie // Lauren Conrad at Kohls
Bag // Thrifted

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  1. Love the combination of those socks with those boots Court! You look fab!


  2. You are rockin' your beanie. I always feel like I could never pull one off like that. I also love the boots with the boot socks. Super cute!


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