Dear Santa Baby...

The Christmas season has snuck up on me as usual, and I definitely still have a lot of presents to buy for my many loved ones! It's hard to know the perfect thing to get someone, so I really love when people give me a "wish" list since it gives me something to go off of! I like getting people presents that I know are going to be useful and not stuffed into storage and forgotten! I've compiled my Christmas Wish List for this year and I'm crossing my fingers I get a few things I've been hoping for! ** Wink Wink Husband, Hope you read this!** Have you made your Christmas List? Are any of these items on your list too? 

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  1. Hey Courtney! Great picks! Love the Green tights! :) xx


  2. I love those mugs. They were 40% off just the other day, but $10 is still a great deal- especially for Anthro.
    The Grass Skirt


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