Sunday Best + Bloggers Give Back

Thank you to everyone who supported the "Shop Our Closet" Bloggers Give Back event we had this Saturday in Lehi, UT! We were able to raise a lot of money for two families who have sons battling cancer and had TONS of great clothing and accessories from local bloggers and businesses! We had a great turn out and it was such a fun event to be a part of. It made me so grateful for the blessings I have in my life and the amazing women I have been able to meet because of blogging. Here are few highlights from our event and we hope to make this an annual thing! There are so many people who are in need of help, especially during this holiday season and I just wish we could help them all. Read more about Carson & Beckham here, their stories will truly break your heart! These boys are so strong and so are their families! 
Remember that you can continue to donate until December 6th using the "Donate" button on my right sidebar or on our website

Fall is sticking around here in Utah for a few more weeks (hopefully) and I am taking advantage of it while I can! I have been really lucky lately when it comes to thrifting and this is one of the many great items I've found. I ADORE the fun fall print and the length of the dress is one of my favorite features. It's so hard to find dresses that are the midi length these days! Added a brown belt, pair of ankle boots and a little cross-body purse to complete the look. I am loving having my hair back to dark brown, it definitely feels good to be a la natural!

Dress // Thrifted
Ankle Boots // Poshmark
Belt // J. Crew
Bag // Thrifted 
Necklace // LYDdesigns c/o

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  1. I love the turn out for the Bloggers Give Back! I wish I could have been a bigger part in this. Thank you so much for making a difference! Xoxo

    1. We plan to do more Blogger Gives Back events and we'd love for you to participate!! Thanks for stopping by! XO

  2. It looks like you guys had an amazing turn out! Where is the shirt you are wearing in the BGB pictures!? I LOVE it. PS you look great in that cute thrifted dress, as well.

    xo Jessica

    1. Thanks Jess! The sweater is from OASAP! I don't even know how to say it. It was like $20 bucks, free shipping! It's a little large on me so I may be selling it soon!

  3. Awesome and you look gorgeous! I love your dress!

    New Blog Post: 7 Ways to Spice Up Your Look

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