My Inner Katniss

Not much can go wrong when you’re wearing neutrals and a fitted military jacket.  These lace-up boots make me feel a bit like Katniss Everdeen which I’m definitely not complaining about.  I’m beyond excited for the Hunger Games Catching Fire movie that comes out today...just saying! I've loved Jennifer Lawrence, on and off the big screen, for a REALLY long time. I love how personable she is and her brutal honesty with reporters! I also have grown to love her strict stance on body image and encouraging women to find beauty within themselves, not base it soley on their weight or physical features. Check out these articles, here, here, and here to read some of my favorite thoughts & quotes from Jennifer! I truly admire her sense of self and she is a great role model in proving to women everywhere that being truly happy and successful comes from being yourself, no matter the situation you are put in. Side note- I seriously wish I could pull off short hair as good as she does, she seriously is gorgeous no matter what. I think most girls would agree they've got a girl crush on her too. See my Pinterest board of my favorite looks of JLaw here. Anyway I'm waiting until my sister comes home from college this next weekend to see the movie so I've got to endure the anticipation a few more days! The book is amazing so I’m excited to see how it is portrayed on film.

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Shirt // H&M (old)
Jacket // Thrifted
Pants // Forever 21
Shoes // Forever Young Shoes

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  1. I am so excited for the movie, too!! I cannot wait :D

    -Allie @ LunaVida

  2. You are beautiful! Just came across your blog and I love it. This is such a great outfit, keep workin it!

  3. I absolutely love this outfit!

  4. Those boots are soo cute!

  5. Awesome outfit! I can definitely see the Katniss of it! I'm so excited to watch Catching Fire too!

  6. Love the outfit! I have loved Jennifer Lawrence since she played the young mystique in xmen she is just amazing

  7. Those boots are badass! Thanks for linking up for Look What I Got. We're taking a holiday tomorrow, but hope to see you back next week!

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  8. Fab outfit!! Lovin' those boots!! Thanks so much for linking up!!


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