Grandma's Sweater + Bloggers Give Back Event

 You know when you just see a sweater and know it’s meant for you to own it? I have multiple sweaters in my closet where I’ve had this urge that they need to be in my closet, and they end up being sweaters I wear CONSTANTLY throughout the fall/winter seasons. Here in Utah we have harsh winters so it’s important for me to find comfy, oversized sweaters that I can snuggle up in all season long.  As of late I have been gravitating away from purchasing sweaters from Forever 21 and other retailers solely because of the cheap quality that you can sometimes find. I have realized that many of the comfy, adorable printed sweaters come from the decades of our grandparents! My grandma has the most AMAZING sweaters and I have also found many thrift stores carry some vintage pieces that shouldn’t be overlooked. You can find a great vintage sweater for $8 max at the thrift store and it’ll be just as stylish as the ones found at department stores! I know not all are thrifters… but I encourage you to take a closer look next time you’re passing your local thrift store, you never know what vintage fall item you may find! If you’re not into thrifting, take a look at your grandma’s closet! You are sure to find some amazing gems in there worth wearing!

Sweater // Grandmothers Closet
Leggings // Cotton On
Flats // Forever 21

Over 200+ bloggers across the country are working together to raise money for two young boys who have cancer. This Saturday, November 9th we will be holding an event called Shop Our Closet. At this event, bloggers will be selling their own personal clothing along with donations from a variety of sponsors such as Groopdealz, The Printed Palette, Recycled Consign & Design, Our World Boutique, Fifth & Mae and Wild Butterfly Boutique. All proceeds will go towards these families and helping them pay for medical expenses and providing their family with Christmas this holiday season. Throughout the month of November anyone can make donations on our website,  or at any Wells Fargo in the country under the name “Bloggers Give Back”. Any donation you can make is greatly appreciated! Read the heart-breaking stories of Carson and Beckham on our website and please help us make a difference in these boy’s lives! We are so excited to be doing this charity event and hope that all of you Utah Bloggers out there will please please come! 

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  1. I have a sweater obsession also! I love that that's from your Grandmas closet! Doesn't get much better than that!!

    1. Sweaters are the best!! I was so thrilled when I found this too, thanks! XO

  2. That sweater is gorgeous! Looks perfect with those leggings! I need to check out my grandma's closet now :)

    Life as a Waterleaf

    1. Thanks girl! You are always so sweet to comment on my posts! XO

  3. that sweater is adorable! you are inspiring me to thrift

  4. Beautiful sweater! I love how you paired it! :)

    New Outfit Post: Tips to Put Together a Unique Causal look

    1. Thank you for being a constant reader on my blog! I truly appreciate all of your sweet comments!

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