This to That: DIY Infinity Scarf


It’s all about vision. You have to be able to see past what something is, and what it could become. I have a love for turning what some people would call “junk” into something useful. This scarf is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I love, love, LOVE thrift shopping. See HERE for some tips on how to master thrift shopping! I loved the print of this blouse I found but was disappointed when it was like 5 TIMES my size. I was planning on just taking in the fabric to create a more fitted blouse but then I realized I needed more statement scarves in my wardrobe this fall… and wah-la the DIY project began! Here are some easy steps of how to turn an oversized blouse into an infinity scarf! This infinity scarf can end up being 3 scarves put together, depending on your preference. You will see as the tutorial goes along what I mean!

Things You’ll Need
-Sewing Machine or Needle & Thread
-Oversized blouse (any material works!)

Step 1: Cut the sleeves off of the blouse. You can do this right where the shoulder and sleeve seam together (as pictured in photo). You don’t need to worry about cutting exactly straight; it won’t matter in the end!

Step 2: Make 2-3 horizontal cuts in the remaining section of the blouse.  The bigger the section you cut, the more full your scarf will be. If you like BIG scarfs, I suggest making your sections about 6-12 inches.  If you like them more stringy looking, cut between 3-6 inches.

Step 3:
Once you have cut all of your sections, you will begin the sewing process. Each sleeve will be sown together, end to end, to create an infinity scarf. Then the middle torso section or sections, depending on the size you cut, will be used as another section of the infinity scarf. This is where I said that the scarf will really be 3 separate pieces. You can easily sow them all together at the end, or you can keep them separate.
Sleeve sewing process:
- You will need to take both ends of the sleeves and put one inside the other. Leave about an inch section where the ends overlap. You will then sew across these sections, creating a seam. This will connect both of the ends of the sleeve, creating a circle. Make sure this section fits over your head, the bigger the oversized blouse you use, the better! You will repeat this process for the other sleeve portion.
Once you have completed this, you should have two infinity sections
Middle Torso Sewing Process:
- For this section, I made it easier on myself due to the fact that the blouse I was button down. I didn’t need to do any sewing for this section because the fabric was already “buttoned” together. When I wear the scarf, I make sure to adjust it so the buttoned section is the part behind my neck.
Step 4:

Once you have created the three infinity sections, you can easily layer them on top of one another to create a full scarf like the one shown! You could easily wear just one of the sections to have a smaller, less full scarf, or you can sew them together- creating ONE big scarf! This can be done by taking a section of the leftover fabric and wrapping it around all of the scarves, connecting them at the top. Once you have wrapped the fabric around all of the scarves, cut and sew the fabric together, creating a little band that secures the scarves together at the top.  


This tutorial is really easy, sorry if I didn't explain it very well! Please email me at if you have any questions! Loving this scarf I made and you will definitely see it on the blog lots this upcoming fall! 


  1. Such a GREAT idea! Totally sharing!
    Lauren from Modern Modesty

  2. Wow, this is a really nice idea!

    xoxo Andrea


    1. Thank you! It's definitely perfect for the fall season!


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