the importance of marriage + how to have personality at your wedding reception

One year. 360 Days.  8,765.81 hours, 545,949 minutes.
One year and one person who made all those days, hours, and minutes worth something.
My amazing husband and best friend.

Today is my one year wedding anniversary!!! I seriously can’t believe an ENTIRE year has gone by! The stresses of wedding planning and our amazing wedding day really don’t seem THAT long ago. Looking back at this last year together, I couldn’t be happier! Koy and I have had so many fun experiences. To list a few…
our honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas
moving to Downtown Salt Lake City
taking advantage of living downtown
(being able to walk downtown to the movies, the nearest park, or our favorite dive restaurant, it’s one of my favorite things!)
mini-vacations to Park City & Idaho
Koy graduating from College
attending sporting events downtown
adjusting to our new ward at church

As members of the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter Day Saints, we believe that marriage extends into the eternities. Koy and I will be married for forever, bound for eternity to enjoy the happiness that comes in the afterlife. I know that love is one of the greatest things we can experience here on earth and that marriage has blessing that can be obtained through no other institution. Being married has shown me the extreme importance and value of family and the institution of marriage. I grew up with the best example of a marriage in my home.  I have literally no memories of anger or fighting during my childhood. While I understand that is NOT ideal, it has been a great motivator for me in how I want to operate my home! I love Koy will all of my heart and I’m so happy that our long-distance years of dating really did work out. Koy has given me the life that I only dreamed about.

I often think that people undervalue themselves. Whether that’s human nature or the world we live in, it’s somehow engrained in people to think they don’t matter. That nobody notices the little things they do, or the way they make people feel.  This is often something that can creep up in a marriage; each spouse feeling undervalued or under appreciated. It’s important to let the people you love, KNOW that you love them! My goal for this upcoming year and my encouragement to you is to set standards of love that you’re going to follow. Give your spouse/boyfriend/family the benefit of the doubt once in a while, look for ways to strengthen those around you and to build them up. Cherish the little moments,  little kind gestures, and the little quirky things your significant other does that may really drive you nuts! Let others be themselves. Appreciate weaknesses and differences you may have. Be grateful for your relationship and how it has shaped you. I’m sad I can’t “officially” call us newlyweds anymore but I love Koy and I’m so excited for what lies ahead for us!

I have included some photos of our reception and some advice for upcoming brides on how to make your reception YOUR OWN and to look back with NO REGRETS!!
Photography by: CMC Photography

* I chose to have our reception at a botanical garden not too far from our home. I wanted a non-traditional venue that wasn't at a church or at some expensive venue that didn't have any individuality. TIP: Look for places near you that are NON-TRADITIONAL! It's fun to do something different and make your venue your own.

* I made virtually all of the decorations for our wedding. While to some this may not be ideal, it allowed the wedding to reflect ME!  I knew the things and style that I liked and didn't want to leave the decorating in the hands of someone else, especially someone who didn't know me or my taste! TIP: Browse Pinterest and other craft sites for easy ideas that you can turn into your own! 
* For Koy's Groom cake, I chose to have a local cakemaker do a football field with Koy's favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys! It was a complete surprise to him and it turned out beautiful! It was a fun addition to our wedding! TIP: It's just as much the groom's wedding as it is yours... Do something to surprise your husband on your special day! 

Let’s travel back to me sitting in church at age 16. We were asked to write letters to our future self and were told not to open the letter until we were engaged to be married. I found this letter hidden behind some bookshelves in my room a few weeks before our wedding. Most of the menu had already been planned previous to me finding this letter. The letter stated how at that young age of 16 I dreamed of having salt & vinegar chips at my wedding (** these chips are my absolute favorite. I eat them more than i should but they are seriously addicting. all of my friends, family, and many others know the special place salt & vinegar chips have in my heart, and stomach to be exact) BUT POTATO CHIPS AT A WEDDING? Seriously, how low-class is that. I seriously struggled for a few days trying to decide what I should do. I realized then that it mattered more to me to fulfill a life-long wish than to let it slip by due to my fear of disgust from reception attendees. TIP: Don't care what people think about you! It's your special day! Do the things you've dreamed about!

* I love this photo because it catches us in pure happiness! TIP: Enjoy your wedding, it only happens once (hopefully) and it's one to be enjoyed and remembered!!! 
The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is to love, and be loved in return.
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  1. CP! I love that you had salt & vinegar chips. you're hilarious. your advice to do what YOU want at your wedding is spot on. I was way too worried about what others thought and let the stress get to me and now regret a lot of things. if I could go back, I would change it all except same guy and same dress lol. I'm so happy for you and koy! happy anniversary!!

  2. I also love that your initials are still CP. haha love you girl.

    1. Thank you girl! yeah you know how obsessed I am with Salt & Vinegar! Thanks for reading and commenting! XO

  3. Court, you are beautiful inside and out! I love who you are and am so lucky to call you my friend. Big anniversary hugs to you and Koy <3

  4. Aw great tips! You were a stunning bride! I love when the couple's personality shines through at a wedding!

    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. Thank you! You are too kind! Thank you for stopping by and reading!

  5. Your wedding was gorgeous!!! I love all of the fun, personal details :)

    1. Thank you! It was definitely a night to remember!

  6. Koy boy! I met him ages ago in St.G, it's funny and random to stumble upon your blog and see him. You are GORGEOUS. I'm glad to see he's happy!! Ps. I've caroused other posts, and your style is perfect.

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