So happy it's the weekend! My weekend has already been great so far, I had a great family party yesterday with my dad and then attended a fun blogger event at Francesca's Collection downtown with my new blogging friends! One of the best things about blogging has been being able to interact and meet so many talented, fashionable women!! I seriously feel so out of place sometimes, (yeah I'm like the odd one in this photo huh!) but I'm grateful that I'm doing this fun side hobby right now in my life! 

These photos were taken a few weeks ago when the world was warm and green. Now the leaves are changing and there's already snow in Utah!! I love this outfit for how relaxed it is. It's super casual and this shirt is one of my complete favorites. Graphic tees are one of my favorite items lately, see here, here, AND here for more ways I wore them! 
Shirt // Cotton On
Boyfriend Jeans // Cotton On
Booties // Poshmark
Bracelet // c/o Papa East

Here's a Pinterest version that I created of my Outfit! What do you think? 

We took these photos a few weeks ago while at my husband's grandparent's house. They have this amazing swing in their magical backyard and I couldn't help but jump on. It felt good to act like a kid! 

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  1. Okay you're like the 3rd person I've heard say you can dress up a tee like that and I am seriously inching my out of my comfort zone to perhaps give it a try :/ cute outfit. Oh and by the way, if it makes you feel any better, Monday always comes around for me too :/ lol

  2. omg I totally forgot about that!! Glad you had fun :) Love your rolling stones tee :) always so cute!

  3. Looks like you had a ton of fun at this event

  4. Hi! I saw that I won the giveaway for the earrings. Thanks!! Should I expect an e-mail or do I need to e-mail you my info? Thanks again!!


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